Some SACD's only in 3 channels


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I have a Pioneer DV-578 and some of my SACD's only go through the front center, left and right and nothing through the back (surround) speakers.
The surround receiver is brand new - Denon 485.
The strange thing is, most of my SACD's play fine without any problems.
I have optical (for DVD's)and (6) multichannel connection for SACD's.
The CD's which now only play on the front 3 speakers played OK a couple of weeks ago, though I did not make any changes in the settings.
Does anyone have an explanation for this?
Again, there are only a couple of CD's (Peter Gabriel-So and The Police-Ghost In The Machine)where this occurs.
Thanks for any help on this.

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I. Are you sure those titles are multichannel SACD's.

2. If so, do you have the multi channel inputs switched to "on" on your receiver?

3. In the setup of the DV-578 (of which I know nothing) do you have the player set to play multi-channel as the default (if this is an option)?

Hopefully, someone with experience using this player will chime in if this hasn't helped.


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Thanks for your reply.

1. Yes, they are SACD
2. Yes, multichannel is "on"
3. It is set to "SACD" and the receiver is also
set to the multi channel.

Strangely enough these disks played OK last week.
I re-connected the multi channel one-by-one with the same result.
All other SACD's play without any problems.

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I just looked in the SACD catalogue. Both Peter Gabriel's "SO" and The Police "Ghost In The Machine" are both SACD - STEREO not MULTI-CHANNEL

There lies your answer.

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Hey My Rantz
you were right....I checked the case of
those CD's and sure enough it's SACD-Stereo!!!
How embarrassing.
Guess it was a "Fluke"when it played
both on all 6 channels.
Again, thank you for doing the research and your
I will check this group in the hopes I can help someone else here with similar problems.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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