Humbly request your audio wisdom


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Let me start at the end (or atleast what I surmise the solution to be).
A six channel analog cable that DIVIDES itself from two separate audio input sources into one. That's 12 in from the sources, 6 out to receiver. I doubt such a cable exists.

Now.. I am an audiophile that has always been on a tight budget (I still use the Sherwood receiver I purchased on ebay more than 4 years ago). Finally taking the SACD plunge. Already have 7 SACDs, a few DVD-Audio discs, and plenty of DTS-CDs.
My current JVC DVD player plays DVD-A discs very well (depending on the disc) and I am leaning strongly towards a SONY (Carousel) SACD player from their ES line. I've debated whether I should just go for an all-in-one player but I've read a few arguments against having the video circuitry and the audio circuitry on the same player; especially these new ones. I'm looking to spend no more than $250. I would like to upgrade my DVD player in the future to allow more than 5.1 in the setup (i.e. DTS:NEO 6); but for now I'm concerned with just my DVD-Audio and SACD discs.
I had a taste of SACD with the Toshiba SD-6915 which everyone seems to bash. The audio quality was decent but the remote was, in the words of the Brentmeister General, "rubbish, pure rubbish.. we had to let him go."

So your up to speed. I would really love to keep my DVD-A player and just add an SACD player to the combo but since I have only one 6-channel analog input on my receiver it seems I'm dead in the water. I apologize if such a question has been posed before and I lacked the insight to discover the answer then.
If I were to go the universal route then I would opt for the Onkyo DV-CP802 since it has 7.1 analog output (i think). But that would set me back almost 4 bills.
Please Help! Thank you in advance.. & Keep up the Good work.

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I do not know of a switching device that will accommodate twelve audio cables.
I'm unfamiliar with the Onkyo player you mention, but as of right now SACD is only a 5.1 format. There are no discussions I'm aware of to move that format to 7.1 so I see no need to include that feature in my must have list when shopping for a player.
I would suggest, if you want to play both DVD-A and SACD, you look for a universal player.


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There are a few lower cost receivers with 7.1 analogue output such as some Marantz models (our sr-7300 has this) but if you really want 2 separate hi-res players - and I am not sure this is really viable - you might want to look at "Y" connectors for each cable plugged into the receiver then run to each of the (5.1) outputs from the players but great care would be required to keep the unused player turned off. I would ask for a professional opinion before trying this.


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Mr Anderson,

There are stereo RCA input selector boxes, giving one output. Three would do it, but it would not be very elegant. I would guess there is a six-channel version somewhere. You could enquire at a specialist electronics shop.

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Try the Denon DVD 2910 or 3910. Excellent DVD-A and SACD as well as great picture. If you can pay the extra the 3910 beats almos5t everything I have heard----many.
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