Denon DVD2900 & Vibration with SACD & DVD-A discs


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Hello all,

I read a review on the Denon DVD2900 and the reviewer said that they were having problems playing some DVD-A and SACD discs, where the unit would vibrate (like a washing machine!). Does anyone know of this problem? They apparently tried it on other units, changed the media and still the same problem - specially on discs by Yes 'Magnification' and Elton John 'Yellow Brick Road'? As I have one of these, it got me a little worried - anyone know of this issue?
Thank you for your time, Phil.

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supossably their isan issue on some denon universal
players but not all.

i have a 2200 that does not have any issues but
other owners of 220's have had the problem.

someone mentioned that denon is aware of the issue
and newer units have been fixed.

that is all i know about it!

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I have both a Denon 2900 and a Pioneer Elite 59AVi. I haven't had a problem with either one in any format.

Now I do prefer the Pioneer, but that has more to do with the fact that I have it connected to a Pioneer Elite 49TXi via firewire, so it passes the DVD-A and SACD in digital to the receiver, which allows the proper digital bass management of the surround system. The Denon 2900 does a good job for an analog connected system and has excellent video through the compnonent connections.

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I have just purchased the YES Magnification DVD Audio and happy to report no problems with vibrations on my Denon 2900. I do have a problem with the top menu that it starts but I cannot access it. If I push any button than the Menu button, I get a not allowed icon. If I press the menu, it goes back to the last played track. From there it works fine with the track list etc. I would like to see the Magnification Video which is an extra. Any ideas.

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I have never used the 'top menu' button in conjuction with DVD-A only the control - stop, play, pause,skip, fast forward etc - and cursor buttons. Experienced no vibrations whatsoever - sorry I can't help.

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I have a DVD2900 and YES, it likes to vibrate like a washing machine with SOME DVD's and SACD's. Sometimes it stops after a few tracks, sometimes the disk stops playing all togther. Other SACD's and DVD's play perfect. I have looked closely to see if there are any differences with the actual disks but they seem to be identical. I will contact Denon and get some advise because this damn thing is so loud you can't enjoy the music. I might as well use a 50$ player if the noise has to come with the package because it absolutely nullifies the better player.
Not a happy customer yet........let's hope Denon has a solution!

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Is your DVD2900 still under warranty? Any satisfaction from your dealer? If not then make a sign saying "This retailer won't stand behind his products", and stand in front of his shop until he either fixes the situation to your complete satisfaction or until the police come to take you away :-)

I've had the DVD2900 for seven months now, it is used for movies, DVD-A's and SACD's. Believe me, it gets a good daily workout and it has never let me down - except for "Crazy People" and old Dudley Moore rental DVD comedy that it refused to play. Our hi-rez library is approaching three dozen titles and the Denon plays them all sublimely.

This is a top notch universal player that has received great reviews from every a/v mag I've read. You paid good money for what is supposed to be an exceptional product (and for me it has been so far). Don't accept anything less than exceptional performance.

Good luck with it!

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I meant to add that the Denon has had no problem with our "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" SACD.


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My 2900 plays everything I put in it without a hitch, I do have a little vibration in it at start up but quickly goes away, nothing that would resemble a washing machine though.

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My Denon DVD2200 has experienced the "washing machine" vibration on occasion too. On a couple of DVD-A (Beck's Sea Change and The Doobie Brothers Captain and Me) it went into a hard vibration and stopped playing and the only way to recover was to power it off. Ironically, I switched the Beck DVD-A out and the problem didn't return. A couple of weeks ago, the vibration occurred while playing an SACD (can't remember which one now). In that instance, I could hear the vibration over the music (the SACD continued to play) while sitting across the room. I have a firmware update to apply so maybe that will help.

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I have the firmware update...didn't do me any good. I have trouble playing store-bought DVDs!!
My firmware numbers are as follows: DRV 030827, B/E 6500N (used to be 6500L) and PANEL D1028-f
Anyone else have these numbers? This player is driving me crazy!!
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