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New system under $750: HELP!Edster9222
Need good 5.1 receiver/speakers/system for under $1500Mikey Knight10
Sansui S-X1100.. troubleshooting adviceMatt Ellermets1
Marantz sr 4500 or 5500 as a pre/proAnonymous1
Multiple room receiver please adviceArmanny1
Need advice buying New Home Theatre System PleasePeter Galbraith4
Yamaha HTR-5760Collin1
Newbie needs help!!Kalvin3
Can i add more speakers to my system?Dale M. Wiley2
3805 vs VSX56TXIRAK16
Harman Kardon AVR 100 Fuse BlowsPete Newman3
Yamaha HTR-5890 or Onkyo 702 with JBL Studio Speakers?Peter Galbraith2
Simple set up for 2 speakers for musicEdster9224
New Home Theatre Help Please!!!Steve S.10
Bose Acoustimass 16 speakers to Denon AVR-2805Anonymous5
TX- SR 502 JBL Northridge E 100'sEdster9227
Receiver for in wall speakers.Anonymous1
THX or notPaul9
TX-8511 or TX-SR502 stereo listeningminz pins11
Bedroom DJ PA System, want to upgrade to HT, need receiver that fit...Andres caceres1
A/V Receivers: Please educate me onToroidal TransformersDavid Nguyen11
JVC RX 250 for video??Ineedyourhelp1
Idiot needs help!!!!Ineedyourhelp3
Surround vs stereo receiverFrank Abela2
Question about impedance setting Steve S.7
Will it make a noticeable difference?Steve S.6
HELP! would be greatly appreciated!Edster92221
How is the Onkyo/Integra Receivers measure up against other brand ?Edster9227
What would you do?Edster9222
HK AVR430 keeps shutting itself offAnonymous11
Receiver Advice for JBL Speaker Setup? PLEASE HELP--READ THIS!!!Edster9226
Where is RealEliteFan?Chris Laudermilk29
5.1 vs 7.1Paul4
Older Stereo Receiver Recommendations?Smitty2
Yamaha v. Onkyo... need advicepatrick fagan2
Yamaha R700Tim Rickard1
Beginner trying to set up old systemGeorge Stamos1
I need help adjusting cross over level!diablo2
Denon 1905 vs.Pioneer 1014Peter Galbraith3
JVC Receiver ; Will Not Power On?Gianni Franco2
Any comments on the HK 2005 Digitalcraigsw8582
Low Wattage vs High Wattage RecieverCory skoda11
NAD Analog 753 vs Panasonic Digital XR70EdJohnson1
Help In Choosing A Receiver For 1 Who Knows NothingEdster9222
NAD T751 or Cambridge Audio Azur 540r???????Anonymous7
VSX-59TXi versus RX-Z9Gregory Stern11
Digital ReceiversEdster9222
HELP! Hooking up PC speakers to a home theater system...Will Morio1
I need a warm receiver!Canuck12
NEED HELP! Receiver recommendation pls!Canuck5
DTS not functioningCanuck4
Worth fixing?jet20012
Best Receiver For Quad 21LUmboppa1
NAD L53 DVD/CD ReceiverAlanE1
All new system: Receiver Recommendations (HDMI?)Gregory Stern7
Refurbs: Good, Bad or Ugly?Mystro6
Help: Need 110v AND 220VDave Bowers1
Help Allocating Budget for entirely new Stereo/Theatre SetupAndrewE7
Static in left channel - Pioneer VSX-D503SJeff Ross1
Audio Valves? - newbie needs helpJan Vigne2
Vintage amp (sansui au-717) & new DF PM700's- bad idea?...MARAZZATO DIEGO2
Wharfedale Movie star 70 Home Theater Spker SystemJuan Arhancet1
Receiver help pleaseEdster9226
Please-Need manual for Sherwood RV-4050RJust Me7
Please, need help. Cambridge and KEF???Rikizzy1
Hookiing up home theaterjas7
ADS Atelier R1 receiver--no info!Eric J.1
Looking for part time job? Free Home Based Profit Opportunity!Anonymous6
Polk Audio Speakersjet200119
NAD T763 and mysterious shutdownsPaul4
Problem with rear speaker connectionjas1
Different bass with different file format??Endre Rex-Kiss1
2 recievers for sim 9.1 surround soundMarcus Lee11
Help with choices!jet20014
Onkyo TX-D575S A/V ReceiverBence Magyar1
Need Advice: A/V receiver to replace SONY ESedster9223
Home Theater Receiver Helpedster9225
Suggestion what's the best 6.1 channel A/V receiver?edster9222
Help guys!James Longo1
Denon 3805 v. Yamaha 2500Josh Becvar97
Different watts between amp and speakersbraz3
Speaker - Receiver connectionDavid Lambie1
Sony receiver problemsjet200110
Help with a Yamaha RX-3350Anonymous1
Cambridge 540R fixed?GregN.2
DRLC MAIN on Sony - Fixed It!anne1
Why does Dolby Digital Music sound so good?edster9224
Yamaha reciver, blown channels ????Paul4
Dobly digital plus and ArcamPaul6
Laserdisc player to receiverJosh Becvar3
Hooking record player to receiver. HELP!!Josh Becvar4
Xitel Analog HiFi Link - opinions?edster92212
Kenwood VRS-N8100 vs Panasonic SA-XR70Joshua1
Denon AVR-3805 Remote Control - RC-969Tim Gould1
Where to buy DENON AVR 2805 for less than $899?Paul5
Picking a new Receiver for my XBOXJoshua13
HELP! Nad T753 (v.2) vs. H/K 330JAW7
What is A.D.E. MOSFET Technology?Only Mike9
Help!!!Only Mike14
Receivers getting hotOnly Mike2
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