VSX-59TXi versus RX-Z9


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I am completely overhauling my HT setup and would apreciate some feedback on these two apparently excellent receivers. My speakers have arrived (Paradigm reference series) and I am excited to get them cranking. Please note that listening to music is important, but secondary in this particular setup.

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Also, if anybody has any comments about the Denon 5805, I would definitely appreciate hearing them...

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Don't know how soon you need to make the purchase, but Yamaha says the new RX-V 4600 will be available in June. Don't know how it compares to the Z9, but it looks pretty sweet.

Pioneer is supposed to be releasing the replacement to the 59 sometime in the near future as well. Could mean good deals on the older models (59 and the Z9. Or could be newer technology!

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All three are excellent and comperable high end receivers.

What you need to do is do your homework on each model and learn the features of each model learning how each is similar, and what sets each model apart. One or the other will have that specific feature not common to the other models that is important to you, and that will make a difference in which model is best for 'you'. Needless to say, any of these models will make your speakers sound great.

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About the only thing the current 59Txi is missing is HDMI or DVI. It has firewire (i-link), Ultra2 THX, USB (for camera's or internet radio)--plus Windows WMA-9 Pro for internet radio streaming of stereo/ 5.1 surround sound/ and 7.1 (if that ever exists). It probably has the best automatic speaker balancing and acoustic system available. And you can find it on the internet for considerably under $2500.

A Denon 5805 would be great--but it lists at $6K and one would be lucky to get it for under $5K with warranty.


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IMO.....not having HDMI or DVI interface would put the Pioneer at a big disadvantage(for me).

I cant speak for either the Pioneer or Denon and the quality of their speaker balancing and setup modes since I dont own them, or have extensive experience using them other than limited playing around with them on showroom floors, but I can speak from experience when I say the Yamaha YPAO system is excellent!!

It's amazing what these new receivers are capable of these days, and Im sure all three would perform admirably in that respect.

Given a choice, I like the xz9 the best. Hardly a shock since I currently own the XV2500........Heh.

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"VSX-59TXi versus RX-Z9"

Is this going to be a steel cage match on pay per view?


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I think the three models are equals. The only reason one would win out over the other besides brand loyalty would be a specific feature that somebody is looking for.

Each model has specific features that differ creating differences and advantages/disadvantages between them, and depending on which of those differences are most important to 'you', it will dictate which is the best personal choice.

Stating as a 'matter of fact' that one is better would be like saying that the color red is better than blue.

After having said all that..........

The Yamaha is the best........:laugh:

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I totally agree with Paul. I compared the receivers and for the price and features I chose the PE 59. It was about $700 less than the Z9 new. Should have it the 11th.

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Guys - I really apprciate your input. This weekend, I will be clunking through stores to make the feature assessment in person. We shall see...

Thanks again!

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The lack of HDMI or DVI isn't too big of an issue if you just have a dvd player with HDMI or DVI. With the 59txi you connect the dvd player video HDMI/DVI directly to your HDTV and connect the dvd player firewire to the receiver for the audio. The bigger issue would be the HDTV having more than one HDMI or DVI input for use with other video inputs. Of course, there are companies making multiple HDMI inputs you could plug into your HDTV HDMI/DVI input.

Also, the lowest price I see for the Yammy Z9 is over $1000 more than the 59txi.

The new Denon AVR-4806 will list at $3500, which is less than almost all internet pricing I see on the Z9. Within a few months the internet pricing on the Denon unit should be available at 15-20% off--$2800. The Denon unit seems to come with every imaginable output/input, plus is Ultra THX2. And has built-in XM radio tuner.

Needless to say, all these receivers are excellent and one should make their choice based on the features one would use and the ease of use of the remote (as you will be living with it for a long time, unless you get another universal remote).
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