Will it make a noticeable difference?


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Great forum,

I just finished the speaker purchases for my HT. Room size is about 15x20.

Here's my setup:

Hitachi 65S700
Sony DVD player, unsure of model
Onkyo TX sr602
B&W 604S3 fronts
B&W CWM 500 surrounds
B&W LCR 600 center

I'm curious if and upgrade in receiver will make an honest, distinct difference or if I'd be paying for longevity and status. If so, what should I pair with it?

Thanks in advance.

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Unless you step up to Onkyo's flagship model the 1000 which has a torridial transformer, you setup is fine and it won't make a difference. E.Ramsey

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For HT, a receiver upgrade wouldn't make that big of a difference. Music though is another matter.

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Some of the new receivers featuring advanced EQ functions can make a difference for HT if your room has less than ideal acoustics. For instance, the new HK 635 bettered my separates setup thanks to the correction of bass peaks I was experiencing in my room. Movies seem to have more sparkle and life to them now than with my original high end setup.

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Markus has a point. The Pioneer 1014 has MACC calibration which is supposed to maximize less than stellar speakers as well as less than ideal room accoustics.

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I do not see a sub on your equipment list. Keep your AVR and buy a sub. Off loading bass from your receiver and mains will make a big difference.
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