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I am looking for a simple music set up for 2 ceiling speakers. I don't need all of the surround inputs, just want to play music with 2 speakers. I dont want to spend more than $800, and I don't need bells and whistles, just want good CD and iPod sound (if possible).

After doing much research, I am thinking of getting this set up and wanted to solicit some opinions.

I was deciding between the H/K 3480 and the ONKYO TX-8511 Stereo Receiver I am deciding to go with the Onkyo because I heard it's comparible to the H/K but kicks more bass - which I like

CD Player
I was deciding between the HARMAN KARDON FL8385 and the ONKYO DX-C390
I am leaning torwards the HK because I read about some quality issues on Onkyo CD players. I have also heard some quality issues with the HK but not as many.

I have chosen some Klipsch KHC-6 ceiling speakers ryId=cat03047&id=1082742914830



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1. Between the HK and Onkyo I'd take the HK in a heartbeat...way better music quality. Bass is largely a matter of your speakers, in particular your subwoofer.

2. CD player...go to and take a look at the Toshiba 3960 they use as their base model, and their explanation of why they chose it. I would buy that base model first from for $50 shipped...then, after you've hooked it up to your system, send it in to them only IF you are not satisfied with the sound quality. I stress the "IF."

My experience with higher-end CD players has been that yes they do make some difference but IMO in very small proportion to the extra expense. By which I mean a $800 CD player will NOT sound 8 times better than a $100 one---more like maybe 30% better. You get a much more noticeable improvement for your money when you invest in speakers, receiver and sub.

3. I'm curious as to why you're choosing ceiling speakers. Is it an WAF issue or is your room truly THAT short of space? I have had limited experience with in-ceiling speakers but my gut feeling would be that you'd do better with high quality bookshelf speakers. And to be honest I can't imagine in-ceiling speakers ever putting out any kind of decent bass---are you planning to have a subwoofer?

IMHO there are basically two ways to get quality bass: some very expensive (above $2000/pair) floorstanding towers or a subwoofer ($150 Dayton sub to $400 SVS or Hsu sub) used with a pair of bookshelf speakers.

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Thanks Edster. a few follow up questions if you dont mind

1. should I go for the HK and also buy a subwoofer? i have young kids and it's rare that i'll ever be able to turn it up, but I like bass in my sound and tend to play a lot of art rock stuff

2. i read the review of the toshiba 3960 and it sounded like a hard sales pitch. is that site trusted? is there a multidisc version of that unit or should i just stick with trusted hk brand

3. i am a novice and appreciate your advice. i thought ceiling speakers would be good due to the position, but bookshelves could be fine. the room is a living room 13 x 20. for bookshlves - what would you recommend in the $300 range (is that rnough money?)

4. do bookshelves have to be placed at ear level, as opposed to high up, in order to get proper sound?

5. would you recommend a sub woofer? if so, which model?

My main goal is not to keep it cheap, but to get good solid sound without paying for what I don't need.


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1. Yes definitely get a sub, a good musical one will NOT require high volumes to make a difference---in fact if it's a really good sub you shouldn't be able to aurally locate it at all.

2. As far as I know yes, that's a legit site. I have never ordered anything from them though myself. But generally I do find that if your budget is limited splurging on the CD player has a much smaller return per dollar than putting extra money into speakers, receiver and subwoofer.

3. Look at the Ascend 170s, $340 shipped ( value for the money, in my shopping experience I couldn't find anything under $1000 that could really beat it for clarity, accuracy and naturalness. Do a Google search and you'll find a massive paper trail of glowing reviews by pros and consumers alike.

4. No, they can be placed at ear level or above ear level (angled downwards from a high position is especially good) just not BELOW ear level. At the very least you will need a pair of stands to make sure they aren't below ear level.

5. I'd look at the Hsu STF-1 ($300) or STF-2 ($400)---you can order them bundled with the 170s at the Ascend website for a little break on the shipping costs. Also the SVS PB-10 for about $450 shipped. If that's beyond your budget there's the Dayton 10" sub from for $150 shipped.
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