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I know that i know nothing of stereo's so would like some help to boost the volume coming from what i'm using now. right now i have an aiwa shelf system through which i'm running 8 randome speakers (2 older advent loudspeakers, 2 older omega speakers, the orginal aiwa speakers for the shelf system, and 2 smaller Pioneer speakers that have no cabinet so i really don't know what they're for) none of the speakers tell me anything about ohms or watts or anything, not even model numbers so i haven't been able to find out anything about them. i also have my stereo hooked up to my computer, dvd, and vcr but my problem is that when i play something whenver it gets to around volume level 13 it cuts out, and i know it's because i'm pushig too much power through it and it can't handle it (the back of aiwa system says 75watts) so i'm looking for help on a receiver that i could use that would be more than 75 watts and would hold 8 speakers on it and still be able to be hooked up to my computer, dvd, and vcr...and again, since i know nothing, i'm wondering if i'd still be using my stereo at all anymore? or if the receiver would be taking it's place? if you could please help me, i would greatly greatly appreciate it. thank you very much. (I tried to upload pictures of the speakers but it doesn't seem to work, but if it'll help, i can try again)


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The receiver would take the place of your aiwa shelf system and would improve the sound quality oh, about 1000%. You would however need to buy a separate DVD player and (if you are a cassette user) cassette deck.

I don't know what your budget is, so here are three low cost suggestions:

1. JVC RX-F10 pure digital receiver, $230 shipped from

2. Pioneer 1014, $350 shipped from

3. Pioneer 515, $190 shipped from

Any of those 3 receivers would have ample power and connections (vcr, dvd, pc, etc.), especially the two Pioneers.

For the CD player I'd pick up the $50 Toshiba 3960 from and shop eBay for some cheap used cassette deck around $50.

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