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Hi guys I was looking for a good receiver that I can expand with in the future. I am only powerering 5 in wall speakers and a sub for now in my living room which is 17 x twenty something feet. The sound will be used for mainly cable tv and dvd. I was wondering if i needed the new lip sync features that some of the receivers offer because my cable tv quality is pretty bad. I have a very good rear projection tv. I was just wondering what receivers would be best suited for my suituation. Price range under 700$ online.

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I think I'd be looking at the Harman Kardon AVR 435 - $679.88 at, an HK authorized dealer. It has the lip sync feature if you decide you need it. It does not convert composite and S-Video to component, however.

Another possibility is the Denon AVR-2105 - $649 at or It has the video "upconversion" but I don't believe it has the lip sync feature.

There are other good receivers at that price point made by Pioneer, Marantz, Yamaha, etc.

Keep in mind that you can buy online from authorized dealers and from unauthorized dealers. With the former, you get the real thing with a warranty. With the latter, you get whatever they send you (counterfeit, used, refurb, broken, etc,) without a warranty.

I don't think you can go wrong by dealing with J&R, Crutchfield, Abt Electronics, Vann's and other online authorized dealers. Go to their sites and see what brands they carry, what features each of the models have and what prices they are. Do some research.

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check out I got the Pioneer Elite vsx-54tx delivered for less than $700. It is an awesome receiver. Has the lip-synch adjust. Video up-conversion. Can run zone 2, 7.1, or bi-amp the front channel. Sound is incredible! MCACC auto-setup is great. Plus you get the warranty! If you have any questions, call them about their warranty coverage. They are very helpful.

What type of speakers are you running?

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Yeah, I'm also wondering about what in wall speakers I should install. My house already has the wires in the 5 speaker locations. I just have to cut the holes and install the speakers. I have 2 pre wired outlets for back speakers. 3 pre wired in the front. I was looking at the new Yamaha in walls that are going to come out in April. But I think I'll have lots of trouble installing the center mount because my studs are 16" apart and the speaker is around 23" long. Can I cut around or through one? I was thinking about getting 3 of the yamaha in walls for the front and some cheapo in walls from Best Buy in the rear.

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Oh yeah, I don't have a cable box so I'm directly connected from the cable jack to my TV. Will this be a problem if my receiver doesnt have the S video>component converter?

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Since you're only doing DVDs and cable TV, in my opinion you don't need to fork out $700 for a receiver like the HK 435.

With those needs, the most I would pay would be under $400 shipped for the Pioneer 1014 (humongous thread about it at online, or $250-300 for an Onkyo 601/602. The Pioneer has the advantage of being better for music than the Onkyo, in case you do expand your applications in the future. Both of those receivers have ample power for your room size as long as you stick with 6-8 ohm speakers.

That way you can put the savings into better speakers and, if needed, a better subwoofer. Those are upgrades that you will definitely notice a lot more.

As for in-wall speakers, from what little I know about them I have the impression that to get good ones you'd have to spend a lot more money than on normal speakers. Unless you have major WAF issues I would opt for quality bookshelf speakers (or if you must, quality satellites) on decent stands or wall-mounted.

A friend of mine wall-mounted a pair of Ascend 170 bookshelves and wow they do amazing things esp. for their price level, especially when used together with the Ascend 340 center channel.
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