NAD T751 or Cambridge Audio Azur 540r???????


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I am looking to purchase a receiver and it is between the NAD T751 or new Cambridge Audio Azur 540R...please, anyone with any familiarity with these models..could you please advise. Thanks!

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All depends on the deal! The T751 is two models old, they have had the T753 available for quite a while.

Both are very good, excellent for their price range. And they both have some reliability issues.

The NAD will be more finickity if you use poor interconnects. The FM tuner on the NAD, if you intend to use it, is superb.



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Thanks for response Diablo.
Deal is this:
NAD T751 (in aesthetically minty condition!) for 600$ Canadian.
Cambridge Audio Azur 540R (new) for 850$ Canadian.

I am purchasing Acoustic Energy Aelite 2 fronts. I have already demoed the NAD in question and it sounds freekin' amazing with the setup. I have not yet heard the Cambridge, but have read and heard positive reviews. Do I spend the extra to get the CA? Or go with original plan of NAD for considerably less $, and knowing the performance is there. I know there has been frequent QC complaints about the NAD. However, this seems to be hit or miss. A friend of mine owns a T751 and swears by it.

What's your thoughts? Tx.

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Get a demo of the Cambridge if you can, but if you really like the NAD, then go for it. I think most of the poor reliability thing tends to happen early on - so if it has been working for quite a while then there is every chance it will continue.

Though, as someone once said, nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes.

I have a T753 and am very pleased with it (and maybe a bit biased) - and will continue to be both pleased and biased unless it breaks down! :-)


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I have a 753 and it is a great receiver! Having said that the 751 is one of NAD's first in the series and perhaps should be avoided for that reason. I've heard some complaints about that model (although I've heard lots of complains abuot the 753 too, yet everyone I know who owns one, including myself, loves them). If you could get a 753 I'd say take it over the other hands down! But I'd be more leary about the older one -- it certainly won't have all the same features.


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Stevo, you should be able to do better than C$600 for the T751. I recently purchased a NAD factory refurb T752 with the full 2 year warranty from an authorized Canadian dealer for C$545 (plus taxes). No problems so far.

Take the Cambridge, it's a great receiver and NAD=asking for trouble. I just returned my NAD after waiting 2 month's for the hiss/hum problem. NAD just returned the unit after waiting 2 month's and they told me that it's normal and it's in the DSP platform that all NAD surround receivers got...
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