Where to buy DENON AVR 2805 for less than $899?


Where can I buy online a DENON 2805 with warranty for less than $899? Is there an online store that would let you return it if something is wrong I read that DENON will not honor the warranty if not bought thru an authorized reseller

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As you may already know, Denon's website lists all of their authorized online dealers. Currently, none of them are offering any deals on new Denon receivers. However, I've seen Crutchfield, on occasion, offer 10% off if you buy two or more components in the same order.

If you don't object to refurbished, several of Denon's online dealers carry refurbished Denon receivers that sell for less than $899.

Also, have you tried any brick & mortar audio shops? I have found that some of them are willing to offer as much as 10% off Denons with very little haggling.

I suspect any of Denon's authorized online dealers would let you return a defective receiver.

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that receiver retails at $899!!
http://www.ultimateelectronics.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=4035&i temType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=1530&iSubCat=1628&iProductID=4035
If you dont want to buy from an unauthorized dealer on the web for less(no warranty), go to any reputable retail store and negotiate a deal!!!!

I just bought a Yamaha that retailed for $999 at that same store and paid $785. Retail price means nothing!!

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Ignore that and go for 25%.....

If you're the least bit convincing(at the very least), you'll get 20%.

Offer them $650 to buy 'TODAY', or no deal.........They'll try to explain why they charge more than unauthorized dealers, but tell them the warranty means nothing to you, and that you'll buy it on the web for much less if they wont meet your price. In the end.....you'll get both...a lower price, and the warranty.

More than likely, they'll counter offer for around $700 if they think they'll lose the sale otherwise. How low the price....is up to you. I probably could have gotten my receiver for $750 but was happy enough with the counter offer. Going into the store, had already planned to buy if they offered anything under $800.....if not, I was walking. I was going for 20% or bust........Heh. I always get what I want though.

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I actually had not thought about negotiating in a store I was under the impression that their prices were fixed but you are right I will try your suggestion. I am in Chicago though.. the only stores that may carry that unit may be Tweeter and ABT

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Im not sure what ABT is, but a store like Tweeter probably has commissioned salesmen. They'll do what they can do to cut a deal.

Just be sure to be firm with them. You can buy one without manuf. warranty for $595 on pricegrabber.com.
http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php?sort_type=price&masterid=2840670& isbn=&pid=
Tell Tweeters you understand they cant match a non-authorized dealer web specials(for obvious reasons), but also that you're not willing to pay anywhere near the extra $300 for the benefits of buying from an authorized dealer. Tell them that 'all that' isnt of great importance to you.

Based on the pricegrabber price that I just looked up, I'd offer $675(25%off) to buy 'TODAY' and draw an 'imaginary' line somewhere around $700-725(20%off)with their counter-offer. Make sure that it's crystal clear that you're buying 'today' if they can give you 'your' price. Also make it clear that you have no reservations buying from pricegrabber if they wont work with you.

If they countered at $750, I'd tell them not good enough. If you'll be needing new cables, be sure to tell them because it means the total purchase will be bigger and will give them more leverage to drop the receiver price. Either that, or you can negotiate the 'toss in' a certain amount of cabling to spice up the deal if they cant lower the receiver price enough. Heck....Tweeters tossing in a digital coax or optical cable might seal the deal.

For me...........haggling is definitely a lot of fun. You might be willing to pay more for the receiver than I described above, but whatever your limit is, stand firm. I drew my 'imaginary' line in the sand at 20% off retail. Pick whatever number you think is fair, and stick to your guns.
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