Refurbs: Good, Bad or Ugly?


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I just bought an AVR 430 off of ebay from harman direct. have you guys heard anything about these in terms like if they will work for a while. i mean i really dont care to much about the aesthetics of it. more or less i only care about it lasting. so if you guys could tell me anything about the..well read the title of the thread, that would be awesome... and gentle on my decision!



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There are both good and bad stories to be told about refurbs. Since you have one, look on the bright side and expect it to have a long and maintenance free life.

You may or may not ever have a problem......

The thing about refurbs is that you dont know which you're getting.(a true lemon, or one that only needed a simple fluke repair) So long as it's working alright, I wouldnt lose any sleep or worry about it.

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I've purchased refurbs on a number of occasions and have yet to have a negative experience. I've bought digital cameras, a few computers, televisions, stereos and most recently a Onkyo problems at all...usually just cosmetic blemishes.
I would continue to do it, too. You can save big bucks (as long as you get a warranty. if you don't feel comfortable with the company or seller, you'll end up buying a longer extended warranty, anyway, and then its NOT worth it.

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I would do it again in a minute but with one condition, buy an extended warranty for the unit. I will give you my TRUE story:
I bought a Denon 3800 DVD refurb (cosmetically flawless and from ecost)and had a problem about 1 yr later. Luckily I bought a two year contract for $69. I telephoned them to get the $400 unit repaired and waited for them to call me back. A few days later I received a call back and was told all I had to do was say yes (high pressure sales) and they would send me a low line Denon replacement with the same features. I told the guy if you take your BMW in for service you don't get a Ford Escort back when repaired. We went back and forth and he said he would call me back. A few minutes later the phone rang and he offered me an Onkyo multi changer and I declined after looking on the internet. He then said he needed to talk to his supervisor and then offered me a buy out option. I asked what this was and he told me they would give me $400 in a check and the deal would be over. I then asked who would pay for the shipping of the uint back to them and this is what he said "Oh no sir you get to keep the unit!" . I then reiterated what he said and said ok. Three days later a ck was in my mail for $400. I sent the player to Denon and it was repaired for $150 shipped. It is hard to believe to this day that I got a $1300 DVD player for $220.
So moral of the story buy refurb but buy protection.

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Great story! Some guys have all the luck, sheesh. : )

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There are no guaranties even with new electronics.
I wouldnt worry about factory refurbs from HK. HK refurbs have to go through the same quality control as new off-the-line gear.
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