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Polk vs B&Wtjessop4
Athena AS-R1 Speaker StandsPaulM5
Paradigm Titans vs. Polk RTi4'smikek2
Good front speakers for Sony STR-DE597Berny2
Audio Note SpeakersFrank Abela4
Theater research tr 2900Berny3
Teac Home Theatre Speaker Package (LS600PK)Marlor1
Wharfedale crystal CR10 or Mordaunt short MS902?dnnyt1
Home Theater Newbie (Idiot)Dumb & Dumber6
Paradigm cc270 vs cc370Anonymous4
Audio storesBerny3
Paradigm phantoms vs monitor 7randall joransen6
Klipsch haters pls. respondkevin44
Monitor Audio vs ParadigmLegairre Radden1
HELP! Speaker Problem when turning them on?GIMME_NO_LIP10
Speaker Recommendation for Large Roomedster9223
Paradigm Studio CC 470 price?jimvm2
Speakers mounts that can be aimed very lowsinkdraiN1
Help! I hooked up a new speaker and my system crackles!Erik F1
Paradigm Titans with a Yamaha ReceiverGrant Harvey7
Dali speakersguss3
Center Channel Speaker and Dialog QualityJim Paumier11
Anybody who owns/owned Advent Loudspeakers?JAW1
Quality wire?therealelitefan16
Bose COUNTER-Propaganda DriveStealth C4
Spherex Xbox 5.1 surround sound system review?Anonymous1
Polk RTi 6 problem? Help?Bob Sock3
Suggestions for "softer" bookshelf speaker Bob Sock4
Bass management greatly improves performanceBob Sock1
Center or Sub for Onkyo 494Shan Tao5
Bose speakersBerny2
RBH speakers -- Receiver recommendation?Riches12
Extending My Speaker WireRiches16
Recommend Paradigm Studio for computer Riches12
Speakers for a "Bright" roomRiches14
Polk R20's or Infinity Alpha 20's?edster92212
Paradigm ADP 370 SpeakersRiches13
Speaker watts ....Berny4
Cambridge Soundworks T300Stealth C3
Mirage Omnisats or Energy Act6?T B1
Sony SpeakersStealth C2
Home theatre speakers for recording studio?Anonymous2
Matching surrounds for Dahlquist DQ-10s? Bill Broadhead1
Paradigm versus PSBLord Thistlewick1
Paradigm vs. B & Wlapdesigns5
2-Way or 3-Way? - Book Shelf or Floor Standers?Cory skoda3
Klipsch VS JBLCory skoda9
Low end speakers for the NAD C320 BEEJim-Bob McBobberts2
I ordered a JBL HT4H should I go throu with the purchaseCory skoda1
Speakers for Denon UD-M50Curious25
Speakers for my vsx-1014therealelitefan2
Home Theatre Speakers/DVD/Receiver Recommendationskynyrd_man1
Anything that looks anywhere close to as good as Bang & Olufsen?Rick Key9
Tweeter QuestionJ. Vigne2
Yammy RXV750 and what speakers?therealelitefan8
My experience with Monitor Audio Bronze B6 and Acoustic Energy AE A...look4sun1
Polk Audio R30Idealconcepts8
MA Silver 6 and Silver S1'sDavid Brezinski12
Ballast Chamber Left Open and EmptyVarney3
Help with some wiring questions please?!Cory skoda4
Best $1500 front mains for a Denon 3805jimvm11
Is Polk Audio R30 floor standing speaker any good?Anonymous1
<--White van scammed: How bad did I get it?Jason8
Center channel questionDream Theater1
What matches up with NAD C740/C352/T743?Kevin F. Glynn1
What do you think of polk r50 for 159.00/pair?can it be used as sou...oscar p1
Advice please - onkyo 601Anonymous3
Need help pairing...and with a budgetgavincumm3
How'd we do? Second thoughts.......Jen1
Nad 740 -need help with speaker choiceBill Wolf1
Polk Audio R30 floor standing or Athena AS-B2 book-self speaker ?edster9222
Athena .5 SeriessinkdraiN6
Compact silver center channelDream Theater1
Mirage OM-9 and Denon 2805?Anonymous1
Sound difference between Paradigm Monitor 9 and Studio 60 ?MikeV10
Yamaha RXV750 and JBL SCS 200.7 speakers?Mr. Speeed8
Outdoor speakersjimi1
JBL Northridge, Paradigm Performance series or Definitive Technolog...Anonymous2
Picking a center speaker for Harman kardon 230 receiverAnonymous3
To bi-wire or not...that is the question.David Brezinski1
Wharfedale TSR 102.2hughie day1
Paradigm's recommended systems - Cinema CT 110 Anything better for...AudioKhile2
KEF Coda 90s?Frank Abela4
Best surround speakers??suresh babu1
Athena speakers...gavincumm74
Best 5.1 speaker system for $5000?gavincumm6
Orb and athena GregT8
Paradigm Monitor 9's???Riches18
Polk Audio RTI6 or LSI 7 or 9; Receiver matchRiches16
PSB Image comparable to which Paradigm?tlwone4
Should this be an ok starter setup?Dave Owers1
Bose Speaker / Cable TV ProblemGreg Yoschak1
Paradigm Signiture SpeakersJoe109
Is there such a thing as a cheap but decent tower speaker?Joe Lacy27
Matching an amp with Spica tc-50,sChris Bell1
Doubling amps outputBerny4
Which speakers to purchaseBerny2
3way versus 2way - Gale 30 or 40? Anyone help?Varney1
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