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After browsing through all 5 pages of yet another anti-Bose thread on a different audio forum, it suddenly occurred to me: HOW TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD WITH BOSE!

Basically, part of Bose's massive advertising scam is all the shill reviews their staff posts on sites like Epinions, AudioReview and Amazon.

How do I know they're shill reviews? Just click "See all my reviews" and you'll see each reviewer's history. Well, if you look at the Amazon reviews 90% of the glowing reviews are by people who have never posted any other reviews, and people who don't even bother registering a user name so their post just reads "An electronics fan from..." Classic marketing department behavior.

So why not conduct a BOSE COUNTER-PROPAGANDA DRIVE and post scores of 1-star reviews of Bose products? Why not share our own experiences with, and thoughts of, Bose's crappy overpriced and overhyped products beyond this forum? This way we all get to vent our disgust at Bose while saving gullible consumers from their evil clutches.

You can also click "No" on Amazon's "Was this review helpful?" question under each review, for the shill pro-Bose reviews and "Yes" under unfavorable reviews. Bose definitely does the opposite for its shill reviews.

I am not as familiar with AudioReview and Epinion's ratings system, but this should at least provide a somewhat more balanced picture for the average uninformed consumer who might chance upon it.

Just remember to mention that you yourself have either owned the Bose product you're reviewing before, or someone you know has it and you've heard it, or you've demoed it in a store. Otherwise your review may be less likely to be published.

This would also be an interesting test of those review sites' integrity: see if they will publish your reviews, and how long they will allow them to remain posted. I have had a few of my anti-Bose reviews yanked after about a week, on Amazon. My guess is some Boser hit the "report this post" button and complained. Or maybe Amazon wants to keep its commissions from Bose sales.

Think of it as performing a humanitarian public service...

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I think AudioReview definately has enough 1 star reviews of Bose...There are very few products with a rating of 3.0 out of 5 or above while pretty much every other manufacturer else averages at 4.0 or above.

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My guess is that Bose draws most of its victims from the most uninformed sections of the public, who are far more likely to go to Amazon first and foremost, Epinions a close second.

Amazon is the one which needs the most help, it's saturated with anonymous rave reviews of Bose products and those are the ones which also get the highest "helpfulness" ratings, gee I wonder how...

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Bose is the heavily established status quo in the audio industry. Unfortunately this means they can get away with murder as far as selling crap for 3000 bucks. Also, all the other manufacturers in the industry seem to do a piss poor job of advertising, so part of it is their fault. You never see an add for anything other than Bose in something like Newsweek or Time.
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