3way versus 2way - Gale 30 or 40? Anyone help?


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I'm about to buy a pair of Gale loudspeakers. I've already heard the 3030's 2-way sound and I'm sold on it. However, the tempation of a clearance line of 3040 3-way speakers is causing me a little confusion. The 3-way 40s are actually cheaper than the 2-way 30s. This has more to do with the stock situation than the quality, I am sure - or maybe even the popularity and I offer a theory to see if anyone can shed any extra light.

I currently own a pair of AS 3-way floorstanders and although I like them, I've never been quite sure whether 3-way is indeed better to have than 2-way speaker design.

To my mind, it occurs that when bi-wiring, there is still a crossover present in a 3-way system.There has to be - otherwise, how would the midrange speaker work, when there are only ever two terminal sets at the back?!

So my question is - can a two way design actually offer better detail when biwired than three way, by virtue of the fact the crossover has been properly and totally bypassed?

More to the point, can anyone offer any advice which would help me decide between the 3030s or the 3040s? The choice can ignore the issue of cost here, because the 40s cost less than the 30s at the moment. I just want the most detail possible for the price.

Any replies would be most appreciated,


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