Best 5.1 speaker system for $5000?


Thanks in advance
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Would much appreciate your thoughts. The more detail the better (specific names of series of speakers). The receivers I'm considering are (which I understand are all in about the same category in terms of quality and price):

1. HK AVR 7300
2. Rotel RSX 1067
3. Marantz SR7500
4. Denon AVR 3805

Some of the speaker systems I've been recommended are (although I don't know which SERIES):

1. Paradigm
2. Definitive Technologies
3. B&W
4. Canton
5. Atlantic Technologies

Any especially good pairings would be helpful. Thanks!

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throw MartinLogan in the mix as well!

You can get a 5.1 setup with the Vignette speakers as rears, and a center for $649 per speaker.

The Montage floorstander is what I reccomend for your mains in your budget. I have heard these, and absolutly love them. They go for $1400 a pair. The only thing is you have to have them at least 2 feet from the back wall as they radiate sound from the front and back of the speakers. If this is a condition that can not be met, you can have a nice home theatre with all Vignettes.

Lastly, the Dynamo subwoofer. This is a great subwoofer which is deep, tight, and especially made to mate with MartinLogan speakers. This unit retails for around $600 if I remember correctly.

There are other, less expensive options for subwoofers such as the new SVS PB10-isd for $429, which is also a great sub.

Rotel and MartinLogan go together beautifully. I have heard that combanation, really smooth and fluid. 'Logans have the uncanny ability to show you the quality (or lack of) your upstream components. The rotel will give you great sound with any of their speakers, and for a good price.

your best bet would be to go to and learn about their speakers, or call them directly at (785)-749-0133

They can tell you more about their company than I ever could, and give you great advice as to matching speakers and components.

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These speaker package prices without the reciever are as follows:

montage mains and SVS sub: $3776

vignettes al around and SVS sub: $3674

for the martinlogan sub that I recommended, add another $171 to the price.

I am leaving this open to you for your choice of recievers, as all the models you mentioned will drive these speakers well, with the rotel and denon being the top of my list.

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I have heard the Martin Logan I am not sure which model although they were above the models you mention and they sounded awesome but they are known to have a very small sweet spot.

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I am not saying this is the best system for $5000 but if I had the space for this I would like to have the Monitor Audio Gold 20, the Gold center and the Gold 10.My room is much too small and my MA Silver system works great but I'd sure love to have the Gold 20.
As to your list I really like the Rotel/Paradigm combination and the Marantz[or Elite]/Def Tech combo. Either one of those would be really great to me and better than any other combination from your list.

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If you set the MartinLogans up correctly, they do NOT have a small sweet spot. At least this is the case with the montage and mosaic.

These models were designed for both home theatre and music, so they have a slightly wider dispersion.
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