Paradigm Monitor 9's???


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hello, I am looking to update my speakers. I listen to alot of hip hop music and need speakers that can deliver alot of hard bass. I came across a pair of Monitor 9's and they looked good and were in my price range. I did not have a chance to listen to them, so I was wondering if any body is familiar with these speakers, or is anybody has any better suggestions for what I could use.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you

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If you have a good sub, you won't need to rely on your speakers to deliver the bass. Even cheap mediocre sub like my JBL E150 ($170 shipped on eBay, new) makes a big difference.

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monitor 9's are really boomy in the bass IMHO. My dealer feels this way about them as well, and was pointing me to the 7's, which I felt were also boomy. Personally, I don't care for the monitor tower speakers.

take edsters advice, and get a good sub. That way you can choose your mains wisely. There is more to bass than boom. Bass in hip-hop is full of transients that good speakers can display to their full potential. A boom-box will never show you these.

My suggestion would be the minimonitors (or focus) paired with the pw-1000 for hip-hop. The pw-1000 is a bandpass design subwoofer, and an excellent design. I am not a fan of bandpass subs, but this is one that I would but in a heartbeat. I absolutely love it. Deep, and LOUD!It isnt quite as tight as a sealed box, but the transients still come out clear.

These speakers are all from paradigm. go to to find a dealer.

The sub that I recommended will run about 500
the speakers about 300

Paradigm also has some nice tower speakers called the Esprits for $400 that I LOVE

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okay thanks for the tips guys I will check out the paradigm site and see what I can come up with.

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I have to agree with gavin that the 9's are a little boomy, however i disagree that the 7's are boomy, I have the 7's and to me the bass is great, nice and tight. So listen to them, before you cross them off your list.

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Anybody try the Monitor 5? It's more in my price range, a little over $500 a pair.

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I think that the 5's are the best in the monitor series edster!
GO AUDITION THEM is the best advice I can give you if you havent seen my post about them in the athena thread

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Cabinet and driver size make different sounds in different sized rooms. The 9's will probably sound a little boomy in all but a large to very large room. Most of us can do pretty well with 5.25 or 6.5 inch drivers and powered sub. BTW- all good advice!
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