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New Shopper needing help with amp choices?cam11
What Size Amp Do I Need? PLZ HELPJeremy5
2.67 ohms or 2 ohm that is the questionM.S.4
ED Nine.4?cam8
Questions about my amp - Cadence z5000(CF)M.S.6
sony xplod amp? not working, should the high voltage light be lit ...mike p chaps3
?Yanks Fan3
Amp settings for 2x 12" kicker comp vr's..cam6
Testing Amp Wattage?Optidriven7
Bigger amp?GlassWolf8
New stuffJshak0722
Decisions, decisions.......Joe Spose10
Does anyone have an opinion on this amp?chris stiles17
Need mono amp for 3 kicker s12d have bout a 200-250 dollor budgetjuliob5
Only if your really Mad...Kevin Holden16
Amp?Anthony Cuciurean9
Drilling holesMat Dope *****11
Recommend amp for JL 12w7Rob13
Need the cost....Rob4
HELP! Which amp to buy? Jack3
Dumb Question[...Rovin...]3
Polk Audio C400.4 Terry Fong4
Need Helpjuliob9
Looking for good 6x9 speakersSasarai12
CAMTEK D1 monoblockchris stiles4
Is it true about grounding?Jamey9
Total Newb, probably dumb question!Jamey4
4 Channel Amp? Jamey2
Amp keeps going into protection modeJamey2
What amp to buy Chauncey Brown27
1050WRMS...HO alternator?M.S.3
4 Channel Amp? M.S.2
Upgrade?josh spivey4
RF X7 protection modeX7
Need mono amp for 3 kicker s12d have bout a 200-250 dollor budgetSteven Schultz1
Setting gain on ampM.S.2
Wanna Buy?Shea Burleson6
Orion HCCA-D2400 QuestionJamey2
MA Audio Amps?chris stiles11
2000 watts at 1ohm - rovin?wade crump13
Need help!!!!!Jamey11
Best sytem on a $400 budget(a challange to all)Marc11
Will this work???Jamey12
DB DRIVE SPA1500.1chris stiles5
Strong woofersjuliob2
Were can i get my amp fixedG. Irv5
Amplifier WoahsStan Wojtalewicz5
NEED HELP to decide Rob4
Should i get a Hifonics Bxi2006D or Soundstream pca2000dKeith12
NEED HELP to decidei LUV bass1
Amp Suggestion, two 12 inch w3's Marc5
HO Alt , Good Deal or No?juliob13
Im backjuliob2
Kicker SX1250.1 ( 1430 Watts RMS @ 1ohm )Shane Lancour3
Audibahn a1300hctjuliob13
First Time 2 Amp Hook UpMarc2
McIntosh AmplifierNight Mirage8
Neep Big Time Out To pick an AMP!!!usama ahmed6
Kicker ZX750.1 Joey DeSalvo13
I need more power Joe Spose7
Two 12"Kicker L7'sctmike4
1000 watts rmsKevin Holden5
Help! how can i get the best soundjoe fazio7
Amp voltage?Jimmy Williams7
Which do u preferM.S.4
Amp for Kicker L7 Solo-BaricAaron Dost12
Good Combo ??juliob2
How can i measure the watts an amp is with a multimeter?Marc12
Oppinions on hifonics ampsD.J. Tucker11
Hey this is my bidgetNate So4
JL Audio 1000/1...Will the 12w7 be good with it???Isaac12
Dragster Audio ???Joe Spose4
Amp help greg havens8
Amp helpMoey2
FS: JBL lc-a752 2 channel and Alpine V-power MRP-F240 4 channelIsaac W.1
US Amp Xterminator XT4000[...Rovin...]8
Witch amp to buy ?Hurricane Br1an6
Amp to power Vega Stroker 124?Karl Malone7
Hello need oppininsjuliob7
Earthquake amp question/\/\ike7
Making Shark Amp Mono!!pete mathers3
Rockford fosgate P3001 worth repairNate C3
Not gonna get one but wtfjuliob3
Hifonics BXi 1206Djuliob11
Another poll votejuliob7
Lots of Amps to Choose from...Please Helpjuliob9
Subs greg havens7
2 12" JL W7'salex schmidt7
Hmmm... what amp?alex schmidt9
Sending amp in for it worth $90JK6
HELP ME!!!NEED A SUB AND AMP!!!Xavier Machado5
Need an amp to power a 10" sub with minimal power usageJamey14
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