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Jensen amp and eclipse TiMick6
JL amps + wiringMr_Kebo9
My first sub and box...Luis Collazo19
Anyone else using a Pioneer Deh9800bt ?Mick4
TC Sounds subs...Jordan Singleton1
Eclipse 88150's.. for sale?Mick20
CV stroker 15"Muddy25
Is this port too big for my box?marshall white7
1000wrms on q or btlMuddy12
OT>Went to comp. todaymarshall white19
Anyone else using a Pioneer Deh9800bt ?Muddy3
Quantum AudioThe Reason Why3
OT>made a few purchaseskiller10
This doesnt look
OT......Exhaust questionJ@Yme27
Box building programRickey5
Re subs and us amps...richard11
Trying to find DLS subwoofers?????Muddy2
Cop Bumpin? lolMuddy9
Rear speakersYanks Fan1
Autotek 4000? Help Pleaserichard5
Diamond Audio SpeakersYanks Fan13
FS: RE SX15 and Memphis MC1000DKenny13
Has anyone heard of quantum audio???juan hernandez3
HAVOC is in!!!!! PICS!!!mat dope15
AA poly midmat dope5
Anyone heard of these? Isaac W.22
OT: I went from $3k to $5K plus......Seth Lowe25
Where should i get my subs from???Renegadesrun13
What wood to use..bass_monkey19
Db question.Muddy11
Muddy pleae check my thread in amps....i need to know if....Muddy5
Is this a nice setup?sqlcrazy34
Sub poornLogan40
Amp has power, but dont play no music...escalade8
0t: im so pissed off look here...escalade83
What size wires??richard5
OT: hahahaa Fi Q and fi BTL vs. Rockford p2'sadam36
15" SUBWOOFERctmike22
Fi BTL on 7200wrmsjoel champagne21
Fi SSDjoel champagne25
Eric VargasChauncey Brown1
Does the "stupid" ever go away?!Mick12
What is the best 10' SQL sub??Muddy21
Thanks guyscharlie15
Bass Monkeycharlie23
Fair asking price.,.Mick17
Which of these is best??ctmike25
Broke in or broke?J B5
Is the ED 4 channel amp any goodPaul4
Building box in the trunk??X11
Re 35.1....$100mat dope13
Dust caps: What's the deal with......bass_monkey8
Fi ssd'sbass_monkey6
Sub facing outbass_monkey6
OT>best kung fu flick everbass_monkey7
Amps for saleMr_Kebo15
Crossfire XT2's are kinda loud...Tremor11279
Is it true that using a sony head unit will make your subs not as l...mat dope9
Treo vs. FiB31
Mass Destruction Car Audio QuestionJohnny Ringo2
DB DRIVEJohnny Ringo3
Budget amp[Kéviñ_Previé]9
Db question[Kéviñ_Previé]5
Box buildin helpJames Longo2
HD315's are here plus box building day!!!! w/picturesbernyMAC31
Anybody know where I can get a set....BG22
What do you think?lucas beckner4
OT- The best car audio school?Mike Loudon3
What do you think?lucas beckner8
Amp settingsLogan5
Wha the h3ll are these?Isaac W.6
HO Alt, I need!! thanksmat dope6
Can you lose ur hearing?richard21
Mustang Help!|\/|aTT |F18
Andy F.. 220Amps at 14.4V constant on stock Alt and yellow top?Muddy22
Pioneer tsw 5000splRenegadesrun12
Audiobahn, quick QMick6
OT: I just..Mick19
SoMeOnE help me please Miichael Paul Bessie7
Just a quick questionMick10
Makes my 4yearold nephew cryAllYourBassAreBelong4
Look what i just bought.justin ogle19
New amp for 12 SSiShaine6
OT Alt questionThomas E Miller3
Some body answer this!?Mick4
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