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Go0d bad okJC4
New amp won't turn onMick8
Amp stopped working...Mick7
HELP!!!! 3000 watt sub and 3000 watt ampJexx3
Alternative use for a car amp... maybe?Jexx4
Looking for an amplifier eddylabrada5
2 Channel Amp Setuppaul klukas6
I Need A Amp... Please Help mat dope3
3 SONY 12'S ONE SONY 2CHANNEL AMPeddylabrada11
What to do?CadillacDb8
Good 1ohm stable amp? 500-600watts?killer5
MemphisRobbie Kush2
OT: saving money lolderek smith55
Overallsystem Question about voltagerobert geiger10
Amp questionSteven Norris4
How do i find the pre amp voltage?Troy Stafford10
How do i connect a 240v home amp to my car head unitTroy Stafford2
Good System for around 3000$?Kevin Holden18
AMP help please =0Jesse D4
Alpine vs Soundstreammat dope16
Need answer before buying...will this amp power a 12w6?Steven Norris12
4 CH amp setupIcePick3
Which Amp for 2 Alpine SWR-1041D 4 Ohm DVC SubsChauncey Drinon10
Worth it IITroy Stafford15
Question Phoenix Gold RSD amps....Jim Mack9
Pro's only. Whats the best amp out of this selection? List amp's f...G_Money10
Kicker 4 channel for saleCameron2
RCA to speaker wire help....flyboy3
Car amps at home plz helpIsaac3
Gain questionIcePick9
Need help with wiring!NVmyBOOM4
I've figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trevor Meyers6
ULTRA LINEAR UL3200DDevin Shannon1
What , if any is the difference....bassman311
Online dealer with a8000t in stockSteven Norris4
CLass A/B versus CLass DSteven Norris29
Just Curious...Steven Norris3
How Would You Tell If...Steven Norris2
WANTED!!!!!!!!!!! Soundstream amo that does 850-900 at 4 ohms.Joe Spose25
What is better.... ED nine.1 or directed d2400.................blaine westropp17
Logic Soundlab?????Trevor Meyers1
JL A series amps are outChauncey Drinon5
Real wattsChauncey Brown5
True rateingsMichael Cheatham8
Orion 2500d & Eclipse AVN5435 rca connection help neededsinx3
What amp is bestMaxSQ10
Hifonics bxi series amps rms ratings?Tank65852
Car Amplifier from PC Power Supply killerzracing712
Question bout Audiobahn Amps.....EseEsai10
Autotek amps who got em n leave a review killerzracing716
Worth it?CadillacDb23
Is this a reliable source to get an amp???CadillacDb11
RE 6.5 components...blaine westropp3
When do you know you need a HO alternator?blaine westropp2
Amp ground wirestephen luttrell9
Good ampBigjay6
Would this work???LA7
Whats a good match for.....Jexx2
Help with Amp & Speakers PLeaseJexx6
Refurbished...Jason Flournoy11
The higher the signal to noise ratio the better correct????Optidriven4
MA Audio HK401SXNate So4
Some advise on amps pleaseKevin Holden4
700-900 watts at 2 ohms under $300?Steven Norris18
Rockford Fosgate X7.ACadillacDb2
460 mach Timothy Hollomon1
460 mach Timothy Hollomon1
Anyone selling anything ?Jexx6
Using a 4 channel amp to power a DVC 4 ohm Sub.Troy Stafford7
Amp for components...Andrew3
Coustic 241se for sale!!!!!!!!!!Trevor Meyers4
Audison amp 2 amps for 800$ Brandon3
Ultra Linear Amps????.....Trevor Meyers3
How muchChauncey Brown2
How muchbrad lowrance1
Amp for two alpine type R 6x9'smat dope3
Hifonics brutus series[...Rovin...]4
Amp Power WiringBrandon Patton13
Just got 2 questions!!!!CadillacDb29
120 Ampere Alternator ?Da Wa9
Amps placingDonato11
Amp for two alpine type R 6x9'shomercleeze1
Help meSteven Norris18
NIC CLEAN-UP!!bassman31
Just got 2 questions!!!!Steven Norris3
Need help adjusting amp for RockSteven Norris5
OT: Chauncey WHO?Steven Norris6
Will this setup work with the amp?Steven Norris2
Car amp troublebassman320
Ground Wire Up?Poremski3
Mark Antony AmplifiersChauncey Drinon10
Amp & Box for RE XXX 15"LostRookie14
500/1 vs. SX 650.1--------•2
Trouble hooking up 2 amp'sbassman312
400 Dollars - EbayMr. Bojangles10
Blown fusesstephen luttrell17
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