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I need help! Starting from the ground up for 700$Barkingstarfish4
Anyone like Soundstream Rubicon series?barkingstarfish3
VOTE.. on Its_Bacon12daniel stanislawski12
MRD-M301 Too Much amp?its_bacon122
Amps to go with for 2 Alpine Type Sits_bacon123
Jl Audio W7its_bacon12150
Amp Installation helpTravis2
What amp do you suggestdquan belton6
Vote !!!!!!!!!!!!! best subJBG3
Bridging 4 channel amp DK1
Concept CC-D1200A any good????rick cep1
86 DeVilleGlassWolf1
Alternator/Capacitor ConfusionGlassWolf4
What amp do i need for my 12'' l5 solo-baric???BgBdWlf426
What Amp?BgBdWlf422
Kicker konfusion PLEASE HELPits_bacon122
Phoenix Gold Amps???its_bacon122
PROFILE CA440its_bacon122
My carits_bacon126
GLASSWOLF, Can u help Me?GlassWolf19
Subs to go with ampGlassWolf12
Infinity 6x9 in back and 6.5 in the front what amp should i use?Cainer10
Website????dquan belton1
I need help with what amp to use??????JustinSane1103
Sony w/LegacyGlassWolf4
Need a little help, GlassWolf, anyone who knows what they're talkin...JustinSane1103
I need help wiring my AMPBrad Waguespack5
Need help on an amp!Anonymous1
Amp suggestions????eduardo3
Amp/Sub for '94 Mustang GT convertibleBB6
What amp to use with 300rms sub?its_bacon122
Anyone have a link for installation?vasie coons3
Need Amp for 2 Sony Xplod 350RMSGlassWolf3
Pre-Amp Suggestion. Rodek?GlassWolf3
Hi all...I need advice!!GlassWolf3
4 ohm & 8 ohmGlassWolf9
Amp for two e10k'sGlassWolf4
New alternator for 2 500 rms amps?Anonymous7
Which amp???GlassWolf9
Cap or no capGlassWolf12
What amp should i get? please helpblade21
Got a new system need help understanding itGlassWolf2
Advice needed from glasswolfGlassWolf2
Does 2 amps mean 2 sets of rca's?GlassWolf7
JBL 600.1 or 1200.1???My Tyme1
SoundStream RUB600-4 -- Is it good for my system ?Maxtheamp2
New alternator? GlassWolf4
Car amp in my room?? i need help!! pleaseGlassWolf10
Pre amp or speaker lvl inputsGlassWolf2
I need to get this all cleared up about AMPsKevin9
Question about power, ground, and remote wire. Glasswolf...need help.Mike Taylor3
Where's the amp???GlassWolf2
Jbl or jlaudioGlassWolf6
Is this setup good?rick3
How would you....?!? GlassWolf7
PPI pcx-2400 or JL 1000/1??GlassWolf4
Zapco 350 Reference or US Amps 400XGlassWolf2
Memphis ST1000D for $390.00Mike George1
Targa Audio Q-58MX Car AmpPeerPride2
Old threadGlassWolf3
I need help!!GlassWolf2
How to install two amps?jim jionk29
Best amp for 2x Pioneer 12" TS-W305C subs (400w rms each)Anonymous5
2 12' kicker L5 solo baricsspecial T12
Are profile amps anygood?special T14
Im pathetic and i need helpAnonymous10
Help with powering amp!GlassWolf9
Jbl 1200.1 or jl 1000/1GlassWolf6
Kenwood amp output unknownGlassWolf4
Amp Protection ModeGlassWolf6
LOOKING TO BUY JBL BP1200.1McShmiggidy10
Do I need a capacitor?GlassWolf2
Amp Problems PioneerGlassWolf2
Help a rookie out...GlassWolf5
Would like some advise on where to buy a new amp and speakers/subsGlassWolf4
I need help!!GlassWolf2
How to install amp & sub on stock nissanGlassWolf2
Amp ohmsGlassWolf2
New to car audio, help!qwertyuiop10
Help please?!GlassWolf2
Need Amp for 2 Sony Xplod 350RMSMoises13
Mounting amp on subwoofer boxSpeaker Box8
Subs for my ampmm3
I need help i am new to the car stereo rasan1
Fosgate Ampsjeff4
Hey GlassWolfI'm an idiot ha ha5
JBL BP300.1 installation helpErik Alan Wiedeman5
Boat Stereo Installation and Wiring Help.Roger A. McLemore1
Speakerbox's 96 Grand AmGlassWolf9
Curious question about wiringGlassWolf5
JBL 1200.1 or 600.1???GlassWolf5
8 gauge power and ground from distribution blockGlassWolf7
2 subs - 2 amps! WIRING & wud power cap b gud?GlassWolf17
4 Channel Amp Helpskylermccullough1
I really need help .....glasswolfGlassWolf8
Output questonGlassWolf4
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