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2 12 type rs or 2 RE SE 12sGet Big17
What kind of box?Get Big2
Help with a new setupChad Lee9
Alpine VS JL audioucfsaxman12
TCAB boxesMO2
1997 monte carloGet Big2
Need Help With Amp and Box Selection for JL W7Jason Ragan1
Sub N Amp for 3 g'sCadillacDb14
Typr Rs In ported box Ok?Berny Ok3
CDT CL1015 matt peterman1
Kicker cvr 15 or kicker L7 15MTXAUDIOUSER11
Wireing ?SuperFly2
I need a brahmaAlexander the Great 6
Need speaker wiredustin alan legrady14
Solo x or w7mrcrazydude13
I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mrcrazydude11
How Far Away From The Port Can You Feel The AirAnonymous8
Kappa vs. Kappa perfectsAlexander the Great 8
Should i buy a used system?iilovepiink1
Need help with aa brahma boxmarshall white2
Hey old foggeys what u think lolrob preg6
Port questionREDSKIN4
Are these subs any good?Chauncey Brown9
Local audio shop....humm.Compluva17
Current Box in the making...SiX16
MTX vs. Kickermarshall white9
Im thinking about buying new subs. Please readChad Lee10
New system JL 13w7--throwing out S15L7sucfsaxman3
Am i making this enclosure right??Greggs1
Enclosure for p3 sub...Greggs1
To go up or go downT0aSty1
The damn search button!SuperFly13
Sub Infocorey lipnisky1
Ohm?James Longo3
XM radio!James Longo7
Check it!James Longo10
Need some help with selling some equipment!SuperFly2
Sorting the good bad and uglyChad Lee2
Bass guitar to subwoofersChad Lee6
1200w help on what subsJEREMY PUCKETT8
Logic Sound Labs EX1000ty mutlow8
Question about re subsrob preg5
New System JL W7(12") VS Kicker Solobaric (12")...rob preg9
Will this work rob preg3
Is it just merob preg21
Help Pleaseeffe.ffbsuif1
My rear view mirror rattles like hell. Any tips to silence it would...Anonymous4
WTF...LoL...I have to show someone...LMFAOJEREMY PUCKETT11
Do most songs not have good SQ or is it my setup?MO10
Why is this solo x so cheapThomas White3
Kicker vs memphis questionSiX12
2 12 Type Rs vs 2 12 SEsChris Klein9
"Cleaning Em"Chris Klein13
MTX RFLChris Klein15
Install I'm Going for Nextscuba steve9
Soundsplinter Subsmikechec94
Reduce the rattle helppleaseblaine westropp5
Powering infinity components while keeping my charging system to parOso10
ID Max need help picking an ampRovin6
2 12's or 2 10's.Rovin2
Curious about somethingChad Lee6
Bass songRovin14
Anyone heard of Volfenhag?Rovin9
Does anyone Run Premeir subs?JarvoCop16
Re's price listCompluva3
Will this degrade performance of a type r/\/\ike3
HELP! --------Strange Stuff--------What's going on?Seth Lowe5
My friend lucked outucfsaxman5
Sx vs 2 type R'sYoung James4
BEST 2 twelves for 320$$$jake papa15
Re sx subsChad Lee4 super cool original subject headermarshall white5
Avalanche 15 Original Versian with XBL2 w/ box for SALE ! ! !MO22
Spl for a integra 93 with 2 12" kickersJames Longo3
RE XXX and MXkillerzracing718
How important is peak powerrob preg5
Custom Boxes For S10???TWiZTiD1
Sealed enclosures sounds so goodMO3
Amp help...matt long1
Custom installRovin5
Is it really important?Rovin2
Dd subs vs re subsmikechec917
Better valueChauncey Brown8
W6v2 vs alpine type X vs IDMAXChauncey Brown22
XBL2 vs LMT vs Split Cellmikechec914
X.X.X cracked basketRobbie Brown3
Everyone Please Read This!!!!!!baseball118714
What is the best subwoofer if I want the deepest best and best soun...AM87
Ohm Help.NE$TER6
'sidmaxJoe Smoe9
(Good BASS songs)Oso3
Two 10w6v2 subs with 500/1mikechec92
Anyone hungry?marshall white3
Will this work?jon doe4
Excessive Amperage altnernators?Oso2
Traded a sack for this? Did I get a deal?Isaac W.4
Thinking kickers..casey wood11
My 2nd Type-X just died!! What gives?allende59
Does anyone know wheremarshall white15
Amplifier for Kappa componentsmixneffect23
What do you all thinkRovin7
Custom Sub box..???/\/\ike13
Which sub is best for about 200Chauncey Brown4
Anyone want a 4 gig ipod nano for 10 dollars "Cool stuff"sean2
Wiring helpJake Davis4
Box for re'sJEREMY PUCKETT15
Ported Box for 12" X.X.XJake Davis3
Am i stupid if i decide to do this?Anonymous15
Im wondering about the voice coils??mikechec911
I found a perfect box for my type RsChad Lee1
Kickercomp vr wiringkickerslompVR10
Help wich 15 inch sub to getMO21
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