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Ohms? impedence?Infinity Addict4
Need some advice!Matt f5
What is a good amp to power a alpine type-rJerrone Hornbeak2
Jlw7 heavy eight wut kind of amp?Jonathan5
Will the alpine mrd-m605 power 1 12' type-rThanks4URtime2
Please answer ASAPpikeshp3
What Amp For 2 12" Audiobahn AW1200Q's?OnPoint1
Need an opinion on this - ASAP PLEASE !Rovin5
Amp suggestion between JBL and SonyJake Hill16
Soundstream 500`sTraGedy4
Which device is th at???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11pikeshp4
Check Out This SystemThomas Griffend1
First time setup....need help!!!jason collins2
Mutan subs and mutant 280sp ampJordan Jennings9
Hooking up 2 ampsTraGedy2
Fair price for this DIAMOND AUDIO AMP ?Rovin12
Cant get my system to hitkillerzracing7115
Good setup?Claude Bing6
Gettin startedupgrade1
Thiniking of buying a rockford amp???Ryan8
FIrst time system helpClownass2
Need Help With amp choiceBrady Fedro1
Need Help With amp choiceBrady Fedro1
Which amp?baji irwin3
Alright im starting to make progress, but i have more questionsJames Goodman14
How much amperage do i need fo rmy alternator?Oso3
Installing amp inside?Claude Bing2
Amp problem!Claude Bing3
It was cheap so i bought it but i need help making it betterarturo saucedo3
Car power problem helpbigboat4
Phoenix digital or ma audioAtticus20
HELP...Isaac, Glasswolf, James goodman, david , infinity ...Isaac12
FIrst time system helpbryan e galindo3
ORION xtreme line plz helpDung7
Clipping ProblemChris Bowles3
Amp suggestionsTravis8
Looking for opinions on Audison amps!!!Justin Bailey1
Tantrum 1200.1Dozy9
Question about mono block ampjakehotch4
Are these amps any good for 2 RE8"Clownass2
What's the best way to wire my ampInfinity Addict3
I need help on hooking up 2 6-9 alpine (240 watt) and 1 12 inch sol...Clownass2
Amp Clownass2
2 Loads on one Amp?Travis3
Alpine F450 amp problemsDavid Win1
Alright im starting to make progress, but i have more questionsRovin8
Amp Suggestion For 2 12 Pioneer TS-W306DVC - 400RMSRovin3
Can someone help me?pikeshp4
Cap for amp.. good or bad?Isaac3
Orion HCCA 275 G4's for cheap.Isaac2
Need adviceClayton W. McRoy16
RCA cables from AutozoneJonathan7
Installing an ampJC4
What is the cause of a Blown Fuse?Anonymous4
Help.. connecting mp3 to amp.. no head unitalhitchcock5
Cap for amp.. good ro bad?TraGedy2
Cap for ampTraGedy2
Data cable TraGedy2
Orion 275 G4 or JL 1000/1 Glass Wolf & Isaac Drop in PleaseIsaac25
Amp not powering on anymore, plz help.howie feltersnatch6
GlassWolf's input neededGlassWolf2
Glass wolf need help in s.q. setupGlassWolf4
2 Ohms or 1 Ohm?David Brunner7
Lanzar Heritage 12Inch 1000 Watt and Legacy 2 Chan 600 Watt AmpRovin2
Amp suggestions?Rovin5
I need helpmatt winklemann3
Amp Help!!Atticus3
What fuse to use with amp..??????James Goodman21
Positive and NegativeJoe Smoe11
Using ebayMatt f4
PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP ME!!!!!((:-(...pikeshp12
Running a pair of 12inch subs off a mono amp??Rovin4
Isaac or Glass, why the heck is this Xtant so cheap?Isaac12
Amp suggestions for two 12' Infinity 1230WRovin14
Help With parrallel wiring and wattage outputUSMCFORLIFE9
Good 1000 rms amps ?Rovin7
Bass BoostIsaac W.2
Speakers have to much bassDavid Brunner7
Hooking up 2 AMPSkevin4
Need help jonathan (sq setup)alvin3
System cutting outGlassWolf3
Harrison labsAnonymous3
Zapco I-force? How are they?Isaac2
What do i need?william11
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