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Well Im here again TO ask you some more questiions. I've been posting on what type of amp i should get for my 2 12" Kicker Comps, and after all the suggestions, the main one ppl reccomended was a Kicker KX400.1. And i was about to buy that amp, but i talked to a friend, and he is upgradeing his systyem, and is willing to sell me his audiobahn A8002T amp dirt cheap, and its in great shape. i know the wattage and everything checks out, but i was woundering, the kicker amp is mono, which means i would most likely wire it parallel, but if i get this audiobahn amp, that is 2 channel, will it be able to work? how will it get wired? and what are the positives and negitives of this. and if im not mistakeing, he had this amp hooked up to two subs himself so please respond ASAP thank you.

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I wouldn't even consider that amp.

With that said, you'll have two choices for wiring. You can run one sub on each channel and have a 4 ohm load, or you can bridge the amp and wire your subs in series for an 8 ohm load.
I really don't see why you'd want an amp like that. It's an A/B Class amp which isn't as efficient as a Mono Class D amp, and it's from Audiobahn. Your budget was $300-$350. If you don't want the Kicker amp, then move up a notch. Don't drop down a notch.


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WELL audiobahm amps do not have a good reputation... the opinion that i have always suggested to everyone who owns 2 subs... get a nice... u buy a a mono amp, wire it down parallel ....
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