Need an opinion on this - ASAP PLEASE !


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I have decided to choose 2 PAIRS of this as my components (getting it $105/pair) 2-90wrms & was wondering if this amp t=AMP ($230) would power then sufficiently ?

I found out it actually does 75wrms x 4 @ 12volts & they advertise it 104wrms x 4 (@ 14.4 volts but they hide that part) .

Even though the numbers don't perfectly match up - do JBL make a good 4 channel amp & will it make those comp perform as good as it should ??? Please let me know ASAP as i need to place an order VERY soon ..... thanks .

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JBL won't out perform PPI/Orion/JL/Xtant/Zapco amps.
However, if you're looking for low budget system, then it will do well.
Those Infinity speakers are around $89 on eBay. I've seen them before, few months ago.
Over all, you're not getting any deal on the amps and speakers.
Nothing to rush over. Take your time and find better bargain.

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I have a set of those components in my truck. They are just fine if you are replacing factory stuff...they sound pretty good. Their only drawback is that they 6.5" speakers cant play very low. They tend to struggle on songs that are bass heavy, so you may wanna set your highpass filter on your amp a lil higher than normal.

Maybe its just me.
oh...and by the way, i got mine new on ebay for $45 shipped :-)

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Thanks guys - yea its a budget build & this is what i'm willing to spend . If its not in the same bracket as those mentioned above , then is it closer to say RF,Mtx ,Alpine,kicker ?

These 4 are going with 2 Pioneer 306dvc subs that I also already have , so not really expecting bass but all other freqs out of em .

Generallly speaking even if comps are slightly underpowered slightly then it should not be a big deal - RIGHT ?

45 bucks - wow , is that used ?


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BTW - the amp costs $230
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