Can someone help me?


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i have a after market deck guys... its not the best deck but its cool.. i didnt install it properly but it has been working fine for last 3 years... today the deck was coming out lil but so i hit it lil bit to make it go in "(since i didnt install it properly...) right wen i hit the deck it shut off and its not working ne more.. i checked a fuse and it was blown (0.5a) so i got a new one and installed it .. the new one was 1.0a but the deck stil doesnt work..all the wiring looks fine...could it be cuz i am using 1.0a fuse.. instead of .5a...when i remove the face plate i see a red light flashing... its normal for it to flashh its alway sflashing it means that the power is being give n to deck

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Does the unit have any power? When you press the power button, what happens? As long as the 1A fuse is not blown, that is not where the problem is. Between .5A and 1A, no difference in voltage.
If the faceplate is removeable, then remove it and reattach it carefully. Sometimes the connectors get screwed up. Does your deck have built in thieft security? If it does, you'll need to enter a code. Until then, it won't work. Lot of factory units come with them. Somebody had too much time in their hands. Who in the world would want to steal a stock deck??
One more thing, double check all wires for cut/short. This is why you need DMM to be sure.

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thnx isaac when i press power nothing happenes, the HU remains kinda dead. when i remove the face plate then there is this red light that flashes and it is normal for it to flash.... i rewired the power, memory and ground connections and they seem perfect. there is no security thingy its a cheap deck doesnt do a lot. and it is not a stock deck just if ur wondering its a koss cheap deck... and isaac what do u mean by cut short? i mean i checked that all the wires are connected the way they are supposed to.... it all happepned when i just pushed the deck with little power

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Username: Pikesh

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ps 1a fust is brand new an dis not blown
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