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So I've been swimming in ideas for speakers and amps and subs oh my. I've finally narrowed it down simply due to popular opinion (and cause I thought they sounded good in the store) to Infinity perfects.

I'm looking to build a modest SQ setup, not spend much money (say maybe $500 (ebay pricing) or so for amp, sub and components). I'm not someone who's going to blow stuff up by listening to it at ridiculous volumes... and I don't need a ton of thump. Just nice crisp music, with some nice quality bass. I listen to everything, rock, rap, jazz... you name it. I also need to conserve space

I'm going to run 6.5" components in the front, a 10 or 12 inch infinity sub in a sealed box... all kappa perfect line stuff. On crutchfield, they list the subs as needing 75-350W RMS, and the components needing 25-100W RMS.

Now I'm picking out some amps to go with that. I may or may not add some rear fill, just to keep my back passengers happy... I'm still debating on that one.

So first off, I'm watching these Xtant amps on ebay right now... and they seem like a good deal.. but I don't know if they're enough.

Two main options:

404m 4 channel
50w x 4 @ 4 ohm
200w x 2 @ 4 ohm bridged
100w x 4 @ 2 ohm

2200i 2 channel
100w x 2 @ 4 ohm
400w x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged
200w x 2 @ 2 ohm

So one option I'm considering would be just the 404m. Run the components on 2 channels, and bridge the other two for the sub.

That leaves everything a bit low on power.. 50w for the comps, and 200w for the sub.

Another option would be to get a pair of 2200i's and run the sub bridged on one @ 400w, and the components @100w a piece. The only thing I don't like about that option, is it means a third amp if I ever want to add rear fill to this system. Maybe I don't need that though.

A third option, a 2200i feeding 100w to the comps, and a 404m feeding 50w to the rears and 200w to the sub.

So many options... I know the RIGHT solution is to get a bigger 100w x 4 amp... but these xtants are really cheap.. and it's going to mean that I end up having to drop to a lower line of speakers if I have to spend $300 on an amp. These Xtants seem too good to pass up. Any way to make these fit into what I'm trying to do?

Like I said.. I don't need huge thump, and I don't need huge volume.. I just don't want to rattle my nice speakers apart by underpowering them.

Hope you guys can help me make sense of this,

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Travis, use the 404m for components and 2200i for the sub. They both should be priced very low on eBay. They used to cost hundreds of dollars before.
Until you need the rear fill, you can bridge the 404 and get 100w rms x 2. That's enough power for most components, but not enough for subs. Anything less than 350w rms, and you won't feel much.
I was bidding on 2200i amp couple of days ago. It sold for $80. That is a steal.

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Thanks for the input.. actually the 404m makes 200w x2 @ 4ohms in bridged mode... which is a bit overkill for the components. But there's some other 2 channel amps that hit around the 75-100w / channel range.

Funny thing is, the guy who was selling all those 2200i and 404m's just disappeared from eBay. No longer a registered user :-(

There's still others... but his were going cheap :-)

Thanks again,

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Travis, that's at 2ohms. Most components are 4ohms. So it'll be a perfect fit.
Read the fine prints on Xtant amps. I think the 404m uses regular rca cable for balanced input. What that'll do is, get rid of ground loop. You won't notice it much with 2 channels, but in 4 channel mode, it does wonders. You won't find that on any amps.

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sounds like the pigs found out about his operation. You're better off not buying stuff sold new for prices that seem too low.

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Unless you get it out of the country fast... like say to Canada! :D Ah well, Xtant stuff still seems to be the best bang for your buck on eBay these days.

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Wait, I'm confused, the 404m's specs say
4 x 50 @ 4 ohms
4 x 100 @ 2 ohms
(okay, this makes sense to me so far)
2 x 200 @ 4 ohms in bridged mono mode

Okay, so forget the 2 ohm stuff.. I'm running 4 ohms into this thing... so that's all that matters.

On 4 channels, it's obvious.. 50 watts.
If I only want to run my front components from this amp (a pair of 4 ohm speakers) then I'll be bridging the pairs of channels, to give me 2 channels instead of 4.

But how many watts will that channel be? Isaac, you said 100... my common sense says 100...

But how does the "2 x 200 @ 4 ohms in bridged mono mode" fit into this equation?

That one kind of confuses me. Back to with me I guess :D
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