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ive been using an 800 watt kenwood 2 channel amp and have been running 2 mtx thunders with it and i bridged both subs to the amp then it just turned off and then i hooked it back up the normal way and it still turns off at high volume can i fix that and i was also wondering if i decide to get an 1800 watt kenwood mono block amp can i hook up both my subs to it??

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Look like by hooking 2 subs together u created a 1 ohm load & your amp was not made to push a 1 ohm load , maybe its a 2ohm load amp - so that will cause it to shut down .

BTW , Kenwood is said to NOT be a good car audio amp . try a better known/ranking brand .

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Kenwood bridged will only handle 4ohms. Anything lower will cause the amp to overheat and shut down.

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i particularly like kenwood because of how good of an amp for the price considering i dont even have a job but when i rehooked it up the left channel does make sound but the sub hits different and it barely hits is it fixable and my other question was on the mono block amp can i hook up both speaker wires together? would i have to find out if the amp is 1 ohm stable?
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