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I have recently began putting stero equiptment in my car. I now have a Panisonic MXE CQ-C5210U head unit(4x50 watts peak, 4x25 watts rms), Panisonic door speakers, 2 6"x8" 240 watts, and 2 6-1/2" 220 watts speakers, I dont know the specific item number but i can get it if you need it. And I now just got 2 12" Kicker Comp subs, which i think are 300 watts. And i have many questions. Would it be reccomended to get 2 amps, a smaller one for the door speakers and one for the subs, or dont worry about the door speakers. And how many watt amp would i need from the amp for the speakers. And also what type of amp do you suggest, i've been told by family and friends to look into audiobahn and power akoustic, but i dont have a clue. I have some room to spend, around 300 dollars soo Please help me

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$300 isn't much, so look at Xtant amps on eBay. They're great amps and right now selling dirt cheap. Yesterday, 400w rms amp sold for $80. That is a steal. Last year, it was over $400.
Stay away from Power "crapoustic" as well as Sony/Pyle/Lanzar/Pyramid/Boss and many others that claim to have 1000w amps for $100. They're all garbage.
Audiobahn's A8000T and A8002T are good low budget amps that work.
Your door speakers aren't the greatest. However, it is better than a stock unit. To find the proper amp size, look at the speaker's power numbers. You only listed the peak numbers, look for RMS. Then find an amp that is within those numbers.
For starters, you can look for an amp that's at least 50w rms x 2. 100w x 2 is better.
Xtant had some for under $100. It still might be on sale. Look for it and bid early. Once they're gone, they are gone.

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well i looked at the speakers(pioneer) and the exact brands are TS-A6880R(6"x9")and TS-A1680R(6 1/2") and both speakers RMS is 50 watts RMS, and my head units built in amp is 50 watt max, so im assumeing that isnt effincent. And im also assumeing a 2 channel amp will wire all 4 speakers. is that right?
Also, concerning the subs, i think they are 300 watt rms, so would i be looking at around a 600 watt amp? because the power is getting divided right? and by the way, my budget has been increased to about 500 bucks so, if that means ne thing too. thanks for all the help already, hoping to hear more.
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