Jlw7 heavy eight wut kind of amp?


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k so i wanna get 2 jlw7 8" subwoofers wut should i power them with?
ive also considered gettin just 1 10" w7 what would i power that with

and i dont know if u need to know this but i also have 2 10"jlw3v2's in my truck so i'd be adding this to that and theyre powerd by a 2-channel 1000 watt kenwood amp

Thanks Cole

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you really shouldn't mix different size and level of subwoofers you'd probabaly ge better off adding 2 more 10 w3's. Or you could go w/ the 2 8 w7's or 1 10w7. You don't want to mix the subs though.

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Hmmm, well i don't know your budget, but if your set on jl audio, i'd ditch your old 10w3v2's and that kenwood amp and pickup one more 10w7 and a jl 1000/1. That would be loud and sound really good. Someone correct me if im wrong but I think those two subs work perfect with that amp.... if there both 3 ohm subs, wired in parallel, that gives a 1.5 ohm load, and I think that amp is 1000 watts rms at 1.5 ohms - 4. And imo I don't recomend using different types of subs or different sizes.

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Easiest thing to do would be to go to JL's website & match sub(s) to amp(s) there .

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Being 300W RMS and 3 ohm, you'd need an amp that does around 400W at 2 ohm. The Kicker Kx400.1 and the JL E1400D are good examples.
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