2 Ohms or 1 Ohm?


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if i have two dual 4 Ohm voice coil subs and an amp that is 1 Ohm stable, what would be the best way to wire these so I get the most out of them.

Audiobahn 10" Flame Q AW1006T, 900Wrms
Audiobahn A2150HCT High Current Flame Amp, 1200Wrmsx1 at 1 Ohm Mono

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You can only wire those to be 4 ohm or 1 ohm. Go with one ohm so you have enough power for the subs. They will still be under powered giving each sub 600 watts but it will be better than 4 ohm which gives aeach sub only 300. Make sure to bridge the channels on the amp.

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ok well this is just from my experience...i had 2 audiobahn flame q subs which were rated at 1100 rms each and i had an audiobahn a2300hct high current amplifier and i ran mine at 1 ohm and i blew one of the all about audiobahn when it comes to amps, but they're subs are absolutly overrated....they're is no possible way a 1100 rms speaker should blow...i'd watch out puttin them at 1 ohm...they might blow up in your face like mine did

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Marcus, just curious...did your sub actually blow-out as in burn out. I'm asking because I did wreck an Alpine 10" type-x w/ an Audiobahn 8000T (800w RMS @ 2ohm), however I really doubt the sub was "blown-out" as opposed to being distored to death from underpowering it. I've seen subs actually blow-out before (with smoke and all), but with mine, it just started rattling one day. I think subs going bad while using amps within or under the RMS rating of the sub is a common occurance if the amp is not putting out clean power.

Now I'm using a 1000/1 and a 12" Type-X.

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The Type X is 1000w RMS, feeding it 800w RMS would not kill it. The amp had to of clipped based on the settings.

I don't like Audiobahn amps all that much, but the HCT line is halfway decent.

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So it's likely I had the input sensitivity too high?

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Most likely. However, I recall readin' that early Type X subs were defective? That may have also been the reason.
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