Hooking up 2 AMPS


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i get how to hook up to amps but the part i cant figure out is how you have to plug that wire into the back of your cd receiver..well i only can plug in one of those wires to my receiver and you know how you need two for each amp

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The wire you have to plug into the back of the reciever?

There are only things that you have to wire between your amps and head unit and thats the remote wire and rca cables. Im assuming your talking about remote. The remote wire is a blue lead coming from the back of your reciever and you can just splice in two wires to that one to feed the turn on signal for both amps.

I hope that helps.. when you say "plug in" it almost sounds like your talking about rcas and your head unit only has one preout. In that case.. go to radio shack or a similar store and get a (1) Male to (2) Female rca converter and that will solve your problem. Simply plug that into the back of the head unit and then run two seperate rcas to each amp.. or if your amps have pass-thrus or output rcas.. you can feed signal to the second amp by running (1) input into the amp and running an rca cable between the two.

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yeah i meant the rca cable i just forgot what it was called so i siad the wire but thanks

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so your deck only has one pair of rca outs??? i think it would be more helpfull if you list what you have....
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