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Zapco or ExtantIsaac2
PG Xenon amp? GlassW? Isaac?Anonymous1
Diamond Audio amps?!Brandon8
Isaac, wanna help me pick out an amp for Some RE Componants?Joe Smoe22
Important Question!TraGedy2
Experience with Hifonics BX1500dAnonymous4
Help with InstallJames Armstrong1
Ground to Chasis or Battery?TraGedy2
Monitor 1 Amps?Joe Smoe4
Which Amp?Matt f5
Is my amp blown????kevin3
Download manual for amp???GlassWolf2
AMP HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!GlassWolf2
Alpine Mrd-m1000 helpPZlob3
Does this look right?Matt f2
Amp WiringCameron Stillwell3
Sub wiring question.....somebody let me know!!Tyler5
Do i need to tune this amp?pikeshp6
Guys smoking crackGlassWolf20
Amp class?GlassWolf4
Which is a better amp?GlassWolf11
This forum is Great! Thanks Glasswolf!GlassWolf2
Bridging 2 subsBryn Mountford5
Decent 600 watt ampMatt f11
Light suppose to come on? xplode 1200 watt ampChristian Koehler6
Which Amp?(orion, Pg, Jl, JBL)Jake Hill2
Which would you choose?James Goodman16
GAS !Jonathan11
Can I ground to the factory tie downs?rideredder4
Wiring Diagram?rideredder2
Glasswolf : MMATS 3000Rovin4
Internet StoresRovin7
Newbie QGlassWolf13
Wiring power and James Goodman26
Kenwood vs sonyGlassWolf16
Quick q's bout dual voice coil and single voice coil ???GlassWolf12
Install an awg fuse??!!! HELP!!!!GlassWolf14
Can I mount my amp upside down?GlassWolf2
Im screwedJake Hill12
Amp runs hotzook8
Protect light on amp?Mike5
I think i messed upJake Hill2
Orion 1200DJake Hill6
New hifonics tx 1505d vs old bx1500scott DeBaker5
How do i know my output of amprobert r d r d5
Need a little help hooking up multiple ampshowie feltersnatch3
Could i use my 4 channel amp to run the highs and the subsInfinity Addict12
Glass, how can I test line quality w/ a multimeter (voltmeter)GlassWolf2
Lightning audio....rockfordGlassWolf4
Probably a very simple question...Husker Mike3
When to install the fuseInfinity Addict3
Protection Mode, turn off!Turd Furgeson3
Installed my first system(cant adjust it right)killerzracing9
Hifonics overrated???Isaac2
Glass...would like your opinion on an ampGlassWolf2
DEI - Directed D2400GlassWolf9
2 Channels vs 4 channelsGlassWolf14
Whats a good amp to run two SWR-1242D subs?David Brunner13
Tuning this amp???David Brunner4
Rewiring on ampJames Bohms6
Looking for 700Wrms or higher at 2 ohms James Goodman7
Help needed with amp/sub system!Toby Sheaff1
Amp installation kits?Infinity Addict4
Building a new systemComp983
Good mono 1000w amp...Rovin3
Weird Noise Jake Hill4
4 channel amp help plzeddie Tavarez1
2 questionsBobby Nelson3
Help guru (Glasswolf)alvin10
Technical advice needed!GlassWolf2
REMOTE Wire???? Power antenna??GlassWolf3
PPI A300 WiringGlassWolf8
Best of the best,,,,,,,GlassWolf4
Question of WattageGlassWolf2
Looking to replace Dual speakers in Bandpass Enclosure.GlassWolf6
Isaac/Glass.. Another amp suggestionIsaac4
Kenwood?jimmy yim6
What amp should i get?frank barnosky5
Orion 1200d? good enough to power 2 kicker L7s Rovin7
Any good sites to learn about car amplifier repair?Isaac3
Audiobahn, kenwood? are their amps good or bad???Jake Hill27
Technical questionGlassWolf7
Remote hook up to car ignition?nicholas brennan4
Need a fan for my amplifiers / GlassWolf, IsaacGlassWolf36
HELP need quick PLZ.....GlassWolf4
What do you guys think of this ampGlassWolf5
What should I Getscuba steve9
Orion HCCA amps on sale.Isaac1
Is everything from Lanzar crap?sean8
New and ConfusedJordan Jennings6
Can I hook only front speakers to an amp to create a better sound s...Jordan Jennings12
2 amps + 2 subs and ... (connection problem)shahram shahbazi3
This amp goodIsaac W.2
Suggestions or which one?bill1
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