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Here goes, if the standard rate on audio equipment is thought to be $1/1W, why is it that Earthquake, which I presume is a high end brand from what I've heard, is able to sell a 7000W RMS sub for MSRP of $2499.99? That kind of kills that whole theory doesn't it? Or Kicker's SoloX 18 has 5000W RMS and runs for about $1k retail, shouldn't it be $5k? Or is it all a bunch of BS, ans really it all comes down to the names?

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Its a generalization and not a standard. Most high end audio companies power ratings vs price usually avg something similar to a dollar.. Zapco ref 1100.1 puts 1100rms @ 2ohm and retails $1099 but then a zapco c2k is generally $2-3 a watt..

as far as earthquake there amps do put out the power.. ive spoke with there technical support a few times and have read a few articles. The distortion on that amp is another thing.. so dont base it just on wattage alone.. how clean and how well the amp is made will also play a role. As far as the price do you really think someone would spend the 7k just becuase it puts out 7000rms? It would be a waste of money for Earthquakes R/D and advertising becuase i can go out a buy several amps and strap them to produce similar loads for alot cheaper.

The kicker solo x is a sub and not an amplifier and thus should even be considered.

Summing it all up.. "in general" a good amp will put out 1w per $1 (or $2-3).. but that doesnt mean its a standard (or that if you want good sound you have to spend that much). An amp that puts out more than 1w per $1 such as that earthquake you mentioned probably wont be built to the same quality/reliability as the zapco. Ive heard horror stories about a thing we know as fire and earthquake amps.
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