Looking to replace Dual speakers in Bandpass Enclosure.


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Ok.. Just so I dont get pages of RE: XXX, Eclipse TI, W7, L7, etc.. I'm gonna try to explain exactly what I'm looking for...

I'm getting rid of Six 12's, each pair in a bandpass box. (The model sold at Best Buy). I'd like to replace them, with something not TOO expensive, thinking a nice ported box.

Now...the tricky thing is...space in my firebird is VERY limited, so I'm trying to keep the enclosure size to around that of the dual's, if not smaller.

My main concern, is loss of SPL. While yes, I'm doing this to gain SQ, I am willing to spend more on the replacements, than the dual's.. (The duals were $150 for the 12's preloaded into the enclosure). Figure that I'll have around 300-500 watts per sub, as far as amps go.

As far as price, was thinking $100-$150 per sub.

With these conditions, is it going to be possible to gain SQ, while not losing SPL? I realize that ported isnt as loud as bandpass, but hopefully with the added power, and a much better type of subwoofer.... (Running a total of about 1350ish to all six subs atm).

The bandpass box, btw, is 17.5", x 18".

The subs will be joining a 13W7 in a Slot ported box custom built locally for the hatch in my Firebird, MB Quartz Midbass drivers, and rockford fosgate tweeters up front, and Pioneer REV series 6.5" 2ways in the rear quarter panels.

And please, dont assume any 'decent' type speakers in a sealed box will be as loud as the duals.. They really are fairly impressive sounding, and the SQ isnt *too* bad either. Just tired of replacing them every 30 days when they start sounding muddy.

Any idea's / suggestions would be appreciated.


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2 Alpine type-R's would be cool also look into Kicker CompVR not as much power as the R's but alot of people like them.

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My main issue is... (for one, not getting two, getting six, but that's besides the point) Would two Alpine Type-R's in a ported box be louder than a pair of the duals in a bandpass box??

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lol very much so

This is kinda funny- but you CAN buy great RE subs for about 150$ per sub

dont buy comp VR's- IMO they are cheap and not as great as every1 around herer thinks- just another kicker failure

Type-R are very nice subs

how many subs did you want- only 2? cuz i thikn i saw a 6 somewhere but im not sure

If you want you could probably buy 1 really nice 12 or 15-- my path for about 300$

and to let you know we will always recommend those brands becasue y pay the money if your not going to like the way ti sounds- we would all ahte for you to spend 300$ on duals again LMAO

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if you are getting 6 subs i would say go with RE12's

just search the forum for pricing

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two RE SX12 subs. $169 each.
ported enclosure, about 2cu ft per sub, 4"ID ports tuned to about 34Hz.
cross over the subs at 60Hz, 18dB slope.
feed each sub at least 500 watts RMS.
you'll like the results.
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