Is everything from Lanzar crap?


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Like the OPTI serious Amps?

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there loud I guess but they dont sound so great

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it's all a matter, of personal opinion,
i think Oso said this once: "Cheap Equipment is not good, and Good Equipment is not cheap."
thake that how you will, but the majority of amps you can get that are high-power for cheap, are crap. :-)

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the opti series is not crap. Definitely when they stopped using the zed design in 03/04 their quality has gone down. But the new opti series is pretty decent and for the money (on ebay) its more than decent. Owning the older lanzar, i can say it was better than good. HEard the new opti 2000d and for the money, was impressed. i dont think any of you owned all of lanzar's amps so dont be hatin'

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Lanzar was the bomb back in 94/95. Didn't they go overseas then for mass production and more profit? That's when the quality of Lanzar went to crap.

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Lanzar is questionable at best. They arn't the worst, but, there is DEFINETLY better equipment available.

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Lanzar went belly up years back. They were great back then i owned a opti 50 and opti 200 exceptional amps. Since pyramid bought them out when they went belly up they ruined the respected name and quality that once was there. Its a cryin shame they made the best amps I ever owned and I owned alot.
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