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hi im new to having a car audio system. i have a MTX 15 in. thunder sub and a alpine MRD-M300 amp rated at 600 watts max, i just got the amp a week ago, and also a 1 farad cap. my uncle helped me install the amp since my truck was previously setup for a system it was pretty easy, just take out the old amp and put in the new. anyways today i was driving and it would shut down when i turned it up a lil too much, and i wondered since with the cap in it i could run it better than b4, so i kinda eased up he vol higher than i usually do and it was cool cuz it was pretty loud, i ran it like that for about a min or two and then i turned it down and it shut off due to excessive current. well i turned it off and back on with the vol where it usually runs at but it couldnt take that either and shut down again. i had to go below what i usually run it for it to stay on. im wondering if i blew something in my amp or messed up my altinator or battery or something.

right now i parked it and im gonna just give it a chance to "rest" till tomorrow and see what happens, does anyone kno if i screwed myself? or do i just need to rest it and not do that again. also if i got a better altinator would i be able to run my sub better?

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Maybe you screwed something up, just sounds like it got way too hot and can't vent. Make sure it has plenty of room around the amp to vent. And if it keeps doing it, check the amp, if it's hot to the touch, that's why, then check how you have the subs wired. If that's not it, maybe you heated your wire up and needs to be replaced...
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