Amp runs hot


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i think it could be because it's positioned under my seat, but it gets REALLY hot in a matter of maybe 5 min. or playing

could it be a wiring flaw?

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What amp do you have? What subs? How are they wired?


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k sorry bout not leaving enough info, i was in a rush, i have a MTX 942.2, 2 12" kicker cvr, with the amp bridged to the subs,

btw i had a shop do the install so should i take it up with them?

also this is a retarded question but what do you think i should set my bass/treble setings to?, because there all messed up


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Make sure the subs are configured for 4ohms bridged.
If the amp's getting too hot, it could be that the installer wired the subs in parallel for 1 ohms or the gain/level is set too high. It should match the HU's preout voltage.
Set all bass and treble to flat and work from there. If you don't have components, leave the treble to flat and for bass boost, you can increase the bass control.

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k im pretty sure they are, i double checked the subs wiring like 5 times n all looks good, as far as the gains i have no way in telling if its too high or not, should i just try to tamper with them, i think i'll go to or somthing about the gains stuff


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Username: Iowahawks19

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oo, and preout voltage is "5v" but i think it's overrated (its a panasonic cq-8301u)

should i treat this HU like it puts out 4v or what?

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to me it sounds like they wired it to 2ohm or 1ohm bridged mode which that will not work so try wiring one sub per channel and see how that turns out also make sure that your ground is good..they must have messed up the install because i have that same amp and it will not overrheat no matter how hot it is outside or how long its been playing

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i agree with quick shot
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