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Amp question??? Help PleaseAnonymous2
Did i get ripped of or notRafal1
Infinity 310A....Infinity Addict6
How to wire 2 ohm speakers to amp.bigdaddiebrad2
8V Line Driver w/ 5V Max Amp Input SensitivityBryn Mountford3
Need Amp Help!!adam perry8
Amp delimaThrush5
Good Match???Thrush2
Plz Help!! amp issues Thrush2
Will it Work??Thrush4
What Amp for a Alpine SWR-1042d???XPLOD22
Need help with: Autotek XS-550.2LouieV5
What kind of amp should i get for 2 12" Audiobahn ALUM12N?Anonymous5
Glasswolf / need your input...MO11
System quit working................Jake Hill16
Kicker subsJake Hill35
Ohms affecting SQ and SPLGlassWolf2
I set the gains with a DMM, how come the voltage is different when ...GlassWolf8
Alpine mrp t-220Juston8
Is this Good?GlassWolf3
Wiring 3 subs to a 2 channel ampJuelz4
Amp Kit?GlassWolf4
Who knows a good amp with a bass knobGlassWolf5
Got my avalanche and tested stuff, now I need help with my Orion g4...GlassWolf15
Amplifier to stock cd playerStevie doo3
Kenwood Kac-720 amp, how to hook up?joe smith3
Isaac and your xtantIsaac W.2
Rockford Fosgate 1001bd Impedance. Need Help!!!!Kyle Allen6
Hi/Low adapters? Brands?LouieV1
Amp for MTX speakersPaul Stein1
I got 3 SWR-1022DMark S7
It came todayRichie5
Accessory forum doesnt answer very oftern so im posting everywhereOso9
Questions about mono amps. need help.GlassWolf6
Loud hum at power offGlassWolf2
Capacitor/ AlternatorGlassWolf19
Confused please help!GlassWolf4
Can a Bridge my subs and my amp?GlassWolf4
Need help with instalationCody Whiteoak16
How to hook up 2 amps for subs and a capactiorderrick mcdaniel8
Alright how do you r subsBryn Mountford2
Sony used on Mtv's p!mp my ride U ALL !!!Lil Chris17
Isaac or GlassIsaac W.9
What Size Amp?BassManMIke2
Audiobahn??derrick mcdaniel1
This amp ok 4 two RE XXX SuicideJack1
Kicker 1200.1 or rf 10001bdMike3
Newbie need help...PatMurray3
Gains on ampAn AUDIOBAHN Fan13
Is my amp fried???Lou Fisher2
Which amp should i get?Isaac W.2
AMP for Type R'sLEgacyAUDio1
sound/box question plz help withadam perry3
2 15's and a 10adam perry3
Old school amp Rockford-Fosgate PR-220Fred Waters4
Amp for 2 cvrIsaac W.3
MTX amp any goodSimon J Casey6
I need a amp dont know what type or wattage 2 getAnonymous6
Just got jacked, now Im shoppingJake Hill24
Shopping for a new amp. 400 dollar budgetThrush5
American Pro amps??Thrush2
Size amps for the fusexdrummer036
Alright how do you run the wires to the subsderrick mcdaniel2
Matching amp to sub, need help.Jose Olivera3
How to charge a capacitor ihaveasystem27
Amp getting hotJace Edlund2
Amp getting two hotchris wood4
Someone in DC/Baltimore Metro Area with an extra amp wanna help me ...Sean Naber9
Help..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please look......GlassWolf8
Bose/ DelcoGlassWolf11
Some good ampsThrush2
What amp should i use with Type R??Thrush4
Anybody Selling A Powerful Amp?Anonymous7
Kenwood AmpIsaac7
Does someone know how to drop my system to 2 ohmsAnonymous7
Amps problems for RE XXXSuicideJack7
Concept AmpsJuelz8
Are my amps robbing power from each other?Bob Falfa5
WHAT AMP SHOULD I GET????? for 2 12s or 2 15s??Eric Stevens1
Bolting amp to box....againJC8
Amp for 2 12W7sJrx7
Subs and Amp choiceDavid stevens1
Will this hurt my amp or my cap???ihaveasystem21
Help with amp kitsWinn5
I need a new amp!!!Ihaveasystem24
Power connection question for dual ampsChristopher Lee7
Please helpIsaac W.4
Best amp for kicker 12 L7matthew4
Solo x 12 inch amp helpreinaldo sandoval1
Installing new amp and upgrading speakers, some questionsTyler Magnuson1
2 channel amp wiringWinn3
Wattage Question(Very Urgent!!!!)Ryan9
Ampsjohn benedict1
Vibration Sensitive Amplifier - Need Advice From TechGlassWolf5
Is this an old modelChris1
Vw jetta amp hook upChris Wickens3
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