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Are MB QUART amps good?jasoz1251
Heavyartyartie villano2
Service light, abs light, traction light stays on after installing ...Rishi M3
Sounds wierdDarrin Brown5
Gain settingDUB2
What amp would be good for my subsDaniel King2
I need a good amp for these subsartie villano1
I need help picking a subs and amp packagedc basball11
I just want to make sureJexxen Trivic2
Rockford, Hifonics, Zapco, or PPI Value, $, flexibility?gunslinger11
Battery charger to amp!Sevin79
Orion Xtreme amp, not sureMArk N.1
Install helpK L1
Best amp for these subsartie villano2
One or two ampslary bown1
I thought this was a good companyFishy3
Need help wiring two comp vr 12" to jl 500/1JeremyC2
Best size ampcharles deckard1
Power WireAnonymous1
Amp help!Mister Tomasulo4
CAN I DO THIS!! 2ch amp to 4 Speakers??Alex Ochoa3
Question on audiobahn, isaacIsaac17
Ponder this: What is harder on an amp over time?Fishy6
Just another question for myself lolSubfanatic8
What amp would suit my subs?!?!taylor172
Is running 2 different amps ok?joe ruskowski6
What AMP would suit my subs???navid7
Sony Explod - HELPEric Velkoverh10
How many ohms?Fishy13
4 channel amp, single coil sub..woopsJexxen Trivic2
JBL BP600.1N E K4
Lights dim out!!joe ruskowski6
Amp for three jl audio 12w3MO3
Opinions on finished system!TB10
Two Amps Needed?!?!?!Kojak282
Issac please... or anyone smart, install issueSevin714
Hey isaac!!!!!!!!Lil Chris10
Alpine MRD-M300 V12 QUestion about it !! plz helppeter gotti3
JL ampsFishy6
Vincent - thx for the amperik4
Let's Play "Check The Tech".Fishy4
Which amp is worth the moneybassfishing6
PPI Questions???Darren T Wojtowicz3
What ampAndre McCarthy1
Diesel#1 New Guy1
What Amp!!?!Stanley Burrel1
Is this correct?Stevie doo5
Mono or 2 channeldarkseid2
Element Designs Nine.1darkseid2
4-ohm bridged amp with DVC 4-ohm sub?dumass_newbie9
I have some questionsBoon Stevens10
Speaker boxDonald Byrum jr2
MTX Thunder T7512 Subs need amp.Laki Politis1
MTX Thunder T7512 Subs need amp.Laki Politis1
Custom Car Amp Help Needed.Laki Politis1
Need amp help please.............K L1
QUICK ? 30 MIN LEFT ON EBAY!!bassfishing1
How would i wire this?chris o4
MTX ebc needed!Nemanja Veselinovic1
Difference between kicker kx and sx ampsdustin pettit1
Recommended power alternator per RMSmatthew7
Poenix gold or jl audioIsaac8
Jl audio 500/1adam pitkoff13
CDX - MP30Stavros2
CDX - MP30Stavros1
Isaac / quick question for youIsaac2
Very high THD rating.bassfishing6
Orion 600DJon Kelly1
New ampBrandon Marthinsen1
Do i need capacitor for 300-500 RMS ?Jexxen Trivic5
How long has audiobahn been making amps that are like this?taylor175
Car audio stuffJexxen Trivic4
Mono or 2 Channel?JeremyC3
Why only low bass??JeremyC10
Best Amp for ID MAX 12 D4 v.3??MO15
AmpAndre McCarthy4
Gain setting: By ear or by matching HU volts?kklagge11
I need Advise from a PRO.Alex C. Ruiz1
I need some helpBoon Stevens6
Pioneer GM-X962 at 2ohms bridgedscott DeBaker5
Crunch Drive SeriesTUTPart114
??::What is the BEST amp for (2) Brahma 12"::??mikechec911
JL 2ohm or 4ohmwerd22
JL 12 w3v2JL audio Fo' Life5
What do you guys think of this Kicker setupMike Loudon14
Power problemsTB2
Mono amp for component speaks?Stevie doo3
Nothing to do with amps...joe ruskowski1
Anyone selling an ap for CHEAPKnacko3
Amp for 10w6'sJames Longo8
Which amp will sound better? 4ohm or 1ohm?Bmocbarker3
Someone help fastBmocbarker2
Cadence am i gettin a good deal here?Loc_out7
Amp suggestionIsaac2
Protection Light on Ampchip barnhart11
Are these good deals.bassfishing3
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