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Theory minds who want to be engaged ...what do you thinksean13
Fishy and subfanatic did you read my repliessean3
RE Audio AmpMr_Kebo6
Subs under $170?Fishy9
Please help... need SPL and SQ JL or Pioneer, ID, Brahma, Alpine ??Fishy5
Beat 15" L7 in 5.0 cuft ported boxdonny keen3
A correct paint????Subfanatic2
My cousin sat in a car with an audiobahn immortal 12 today and it h...sean9
Looking for 15' basslova7
Rockford, jl, DD, ID MAX compared!!!!taylor1715
Needing: kicker solox box.. paying nicely.SUBZer08
2 10" Alpine Type R & Alpine M300Zoran Lovric3
Email me for JL pics (speakers for sale)Brian Keven1
Ohms and subsRyan Sweat6
JL audio 10W7 for sale...Mikey M7
Kenwood KDC MP822Subfanatic1
Anyone intrested in an abc box for the resonant engineering xxx 15...sean39
Artists/Bands Albums not songs.. to showoff Sub capabilitiesucfsaxman28
Lol im happy peeps...AlpineThumping3
HATE ON JL AUDIOJames Longo101
RE Price Listings??AlpineThumping3
15 AVA VS 15 Brahma James Longo6
BoxJeffrey D1
Something for all you JL Audio fansJames Longo17
NEW Components...S. Singh6
What the heck is giong on????Jexxen Trivic3
MB Quart RAA4200Jason Rich2
New on Market, Looking for BEST SUB!!!Sean Austin12
Need help with JL decisionBabyBrock6
Box Help plexiglass top and I want it to be loudIsaac W.9
Box help.. a few questionsscott DeBaker23
Diesel?????#1 new guy1
What will fill a 2003 fod explorer with bass?freedom27
Sub Cutout - due to amp or subs?BabyBrock2
Richard hassler read my thread Theory minds who want to be engaged ...sean1
10W7'S for sale cheap!Mikey M5
2 15" JL WO 4 SALE Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Loc_out6
Ripped tinsel wires - is it distortion?Sean Gibson1
What should I get?Sean Gibson7
2 15" JL for SALEBrian Keven12
12 subs.jojomunky5
My Custom Kove Box. NEED HELP AND SUGESTIONSGlennDale Stennett1
Help with CD playerSubfanatic3
How they did it???Subfanatic4
JL 12" for saleDavid Jetton14
Where to mount my AMP???joseph phillips3
Teach me!Subfanatic12
Richard Hassler this post is for youRichard Hassler14
Anyone what do you think of my thoery right or wrong or close ..opi...sean1
I need some helpmike scott1
Jonathan can you look at this and tell me if you agree with my theorysean2
NEED HELPjoseph phillips4
My subs vibrate my car to death! please help.Subfanatic7
Best 400 watt rms sub under 200$joseph phillips3
Hey sub!!Subfanatic2
Best 12's Aroundmikechec95
Why only low bass??Anonymous3
Please answer asapMuncheez4
What do you think?donny keen3
Needing a 2channel 1 ohm stable brutus!!!SUBZer02
Did i blow my speaker!!!???!donny keen6
Quick questionShawn1
20 hz sounds weirdTB4
For sale....Brandon riddell47
30 hzscott DeBaker8
What size wire....Nick T6
System Troubleshooting : Help!BassManMIke3
Follow up to JL 10W7 DisappointmentJonathan20
Help on port lengthjoseph phillips28
Are these subs good?Eric D Ponder27
What Amp. will a Pro. Suggest!sean23
1 fast questionbasslova10
My new home audio set upbasslova5
15" Avalanches...1 or 2?MO17
Do any of u know...Isaac2
Ported? or stay sealed?Stevie doo20
Check this out 130.3 db with 100 watts pyramid power (abc box)sean23
Nuttin 2 do wit car audio but......Andrew9
SELLING my subsJoe Smoe13
Building a ported box need help!sean5
I need help on subs.TB50
BOX builder in MD area, HOW EFFECTIVE are 1/4 wave boxes?E5
Kicker solox 18" for 380.00 each.. I think ;).taylor172
Hey SubNick T8
Whatsa good spl sub for not over $100SUBZer03
I am smelling the voice coils getting hot!!!!!!!!!!mikechec916
Looking to update my system with equal or more loudness taylor178
Trading solox 18" +plus extra for 13w7..SUBZer04
Anyone here from australiaBlair3
Memphis p.r.'s werd8
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