Anyone what do you think of my thoery right or wrong or close ..opinions?


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I posted this to richard in another post reguarding an abc box

if youve seen the post with the 6.5 ich speakers i made youll see one in action its basically supposed to give you two tuned ports one for low bass and one for higher bass the intresting thing is this guys post turned out to 32 and 45 hz but the impedance droped lowest at 32.5 and 64.5 hz basically an octave apart and as you know lower impedance equals more power....i have a theory that a third chamber may be beneficial to lower the impedance again only where its high on his graph just create a tune port in the middle of the two he did like 25 36 48 giving you theoretical low impedances at 50 72 96 hz and smaller impedances across the impedances in between....what do you think look at the post and what he says about his tunes of 32 hz and 45 hz then read the stuff about the graph and see if you agree with me.......i bought two of those 6.5's hes using there by the cost me 92 bucks and change shipped....heres the post

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Posted on Friday, May 27, 2005 - 12:13 am:

the comment "and smaller impedances across the impedances in between" should read "and smaller impedances accross the frequencies in between
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