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What subwoofer should i get for SPLHunter Warren10
Is it worth it????????????????????????????dustin pettit6
05 CompvrsMike Loudon1
Post pics of your I.C.E systemAnonymous2
What does a blown sub sound like???sean11
SS box????Richard Hassler66
Bandpass boxsean9
Is this underpowered.BassManMIke2
Alt. Help BassManMIke3
What yall think about MTX?BEtty024
Box for maaaa avalanchesean26
Subs just not movingTrevor Mannson8
System for $600Chase King10
Does Kicker suck that bad?(please Help me!!!)Joe Smoe27
Need a sub?Hunter Warren3
What does everyone think about the orion h2 15.4?BabyBrock2
15" kicker L7 or 15" Fusion jonah Lomu subwoofersfreedom5
How to wire a 4 ohm sub into a 2 ohm loadfreedom9
Nothing to do with car audio just your inputJoe Smoe9
Is it possible?Joe Smoe4
Custom Sub EnclosuresHunter Warren4
4-10's or 2-12'sTrevor Mannson5
Need New subs....mine are done.Trevor Mannson12
1 or 2 12"sAnonymous8
Power AcoustikHunter Warren5
Subwoofer Box CarpetHunter Warren12
Box HELP SEAN!!!Hunter Warren2
Car audio expertHunter Warren5
AUDIOPIPE???Chase King7
Kicker L5 HelpBrandon Haight8
What amp should i power a 12" Memphis Lvs.Trevor Mannson2
Wahl i think you asked about the snail shell formulasean1
Buds systemYamaha Banshee11
Want to know what i'm going to get??BassManMIke5
Help! Is my sub box going to work!Donald Byrum jr2
Are JL w0s better than Alpine Type-Rs?sublime23
Xmax questionJoe Smoe14
Whered glass go?BassManMIke5
Good sites to find Acalanche subwoofers...James Longo2
Need help !!!!joseph phillips2
DB rating questionAnonymous1
Will I need?sean2
220 dollars, needind 4000 watts worth of amp..scott DeBaker65
Edead in boxscott DeBaker4
System vs systemMatt Reynolds5
Jl w7 13.5 in a ported box?????31
Need help choosingmikechec92
Port SelectionAnonymous1
Bass travilingscott DeBaker11
WTD: 12" SpeakersAlpineThumping12
Car Audio's July Sub Reviewmikechec91
Infinity or KickerAnonymous3
For saledonny keen10
My PlansBEtty021
Polyfill quick questionCarlDJr16
Sub With NeonsBassManMIke5
Whats a farad cap????Brandon riddell3
12" Whole for SWBEtty025
Wtf is pollyfillBrandon riddell7
Box Design For P312D4Dan Kuergeleis1
Linclon ls complete system any help?Anonymous2
Grand Prix's for SubwoofersJohn McCourmik3
Jl w7 13.5 trubleany ideas6
*sigh* my kick solox 18" for best JL sub offer...Brandon riddell14
96 Camaro...disturb3d_pri3st5
Audiobahn aw121t in bandpass, sealed box, or porteddisturb3d_pri3st4
Avalanche 12's do they suck or do they poundmikechec93
Alpine Type X's Jake Hill2
2 alpine type R or 1 alpine type XJake Hill4
Which Brand?Jake Hill16
Reviews or Comments on Fusion's FJL-1511James Longo12
Sound System Desigm Idea's neededHarrison Martin18
What subsHarrison Martin4
Snailshell EnclosureJoe Smoe2
What do i use to push my 10W3v2's??fooqa wraich5
Jl w3'sfooqa wraich10
Would this be good for a system!?????Anonymous6
Hows this sound for a systemjoe ruskowski4
2 12jlw6 or 4 12 kicker cvrJames Longo6
(2) 10" or (1) 12"James Longo6
Subs that can handle the low's in songs?James Longo6
Ascendant atlas in competitionJames Longo25
Subwoofer Decibal PotentialsMO4
Best spl and sq system for 1200 or lessHarrison Martin3
James (or anybody else) Digital Designs as a daily driverJoe Smoe41
15 and 18 subssean24
Arc AudioWahl4
Price on RE XXXMatt Reynolds4
Would a kx 200.2 push a atlasAlpineThumping10
WHAT the hell...Matt Reynolds16
I think i have a problemBassManMIke20
Super subs for everyday useDR MAX11
MA Audio DR MAX5
OMFG!!!!!!!!Brandon riddell43
For Sale phoenix gold bass cubesean1
Does anyone know if these subs will fit?SUBZer04
Some one help me pleaseHarrison Martin7
What did I do wrong?!?!?!?!Isaac6
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