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A few thiungs to saybmx34
New alpine type rZach Arritt4
Can't decide Clayton Muff14
Need Help For CompetitionSubfanatic9
Which EQ should i go with?Subfanatic3
For Sale, For Trade.....adam pitkoff35
What do you think?James Longo4
Speaker ohmagetaylor174
Truck Sub Box and SubsJames Longo2
Did you guys ever gettaylor172
What could be the problemScotty Lawrence12
How good is the Infinity Perfect 12.1 Subwoofer?Chung Nguyen7
Subwoofer shoppingDrew R3
PreAmp VoltageMichael2
Need some help!Nick_sq11
8 Inch subJames Longo2
Adding a second sub???James Longo7
15 avalanche or adire or RE?James Longo2
Rate my systemJoe Smoe20
Inverting subwoofers?Joe Smoe3
Are these any good???Landon Saunders3
Will a TDX get louder than a TI both being 12''.sublime4205
Price of a 12 inch RE SEscab128863
What size box???Robbie5
A little help hereCorkey31
Ported box?Jonathan5
Im new to this stuffCorey b.2
Sub Box QuestionJoe Smoe4
Im new to this stuffspungebob3
How will this soundtaylor176
Need help with ?taylor175
SPEAKER BOXbasslova5
Repairing a JLW3D4 12"johnny lemoine4
Sub advice! Help needed!Joe Smoe15
Need help with ?Subfanatic2
New 50 cdtaylor174
Crossovers for subs?Joe Smoe3
Need help decidingtaylor172
What's Your OpinionWahl2
Price limitJames Longo9
Help me plz!James Longo7
Is this a good amp?Joe Smoe14
Visonik good bad??Joe Smoe7
Alpines in a jettaJames Longo12
Ascendant Audio AvalancheJames Longo3
Sub boxDoug4
Blue printsEric Sony1
Wow im cluelessJoe Smoe10
Building or buying a box?Paul Brian Hays1
Please someone respond to this i need help badlyJoe Smoe2
10w7 and 12w7baude14
2 type Rs vs 4 type RsAlpineuser3
A little help hereKnacko2
''if you love your sub, dont use a class D amplifier''Kojak2827
I have a few questions...Jeff Loughrey16
Why is my port whistling!?!?Jeff Loughrey3
James how does the avalanche match up against the w7,xx X,brahma as...Denver Salisbury Mcd1
I have a Rockford Fosgate 2 ch. 75 watt punch and a jl 10" stealth ...taylor172
500w amp; good subs for it?taylor176
Quick Questiontaylor173
Amp for 2 12" IDQ subsDoug3
2 JL W3v2 or 1 JL W6v2Nick_sq2
Rear glass shakin like a mofo!paddy2
Factory Renewed good or not?Eric Sony3
AHHH, all these numbers (Qts, Qtc, Fs, F3,...)Jonathan18
Sub coversThatGuyYouKnow6
Little help, newbie here :-)...Stan Wojtalewicz5
Non ported w3's how big is the box have to be???Denny Anderson1
More bad luck...RE sub sucksJamie Ivester22
How much are RE8's?Brian P Jackson1
Guys I reallly need your help !!!James Longo6
1 perfect 12.1 louder than 2 10" reference 1030 ??Anonymous2
Buying new subwooferBryan B2
4 salewilliam cowart8
ED sub questionwilliam cowart3
Which is better??Rob Fox3
What kinda fuse????Denny Anderson2
Jonathan or somebody....Anonymous6
Is it possible????Rob Fox22
Just thought of something cool and was curious of your opinionAnonymous8
Type X enclosure please helpBrandon5
Choosing a sub for exceptional SQ and SPL capable..$160 ebay pricesTrevor Eaton5
4 saleDoug2
Sub for saleDoug3
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