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So confused, Comp Vr or Alpine type RDaniel Santos1
12" Alpine Type-R helpJoe Smoe14
Ohmage questiontaylor173
I need advicetaylor174
2 or 4 ohm, single or dual voice coiltaylor175
What needs upgrading???taylor172
Gettin more SPL from a Sealed box???Jonathan4
Amp Idea for 2 Orion H2'stafkam2
Amplifier Shell Wantedsean1
Alternator QuestionSubfanatic1
High level output quality???sean7
Great System for the money???Chris Klein3
Does anybody know anything about Lightening Audio SubsMike521114
Apline Basslink, good bad???Paul Panzarella1
The Perfect System HELP!!!!!!!Keith Zaha1
Need help finding alernatorJeff Loughrey2
Core ChargeRobbie Brown3
Just Bored Part duexHunter Warren45
Whats the deal with Ascendant Audios Atlas Subwoofer?Mike Loudon22
How do i wireSubfanatic10
I need help on building my own box!!!sean3
Subs in the trunkAnonymous2
I need some inputtaylor173
Do i need a new altanator. taylor173
Kicker amp questionGMG1
Just came from circuit city and...Sean Hague3
RE Comp set.OuttaNine2
Speaker wire lengthThatGuyYouKnow2
S-10 standard Cab(1998)..I want to put something in here that will ...Jonathan2
Shiva or Punch 2???Wahl3
Bandpass enclosure for an SUV?OuttaNine2
Frozen Voice CoilOuttaNine19
Where can i find boxes for three 10" Solo-Baric L7 it needs a squar...Jeff Loughrey3
4 ohm speaker to a 1 ohmJeff Loughrey2
Audiobahn?Trevor Eaton3
Could someone with winISD please help meSubfanatic16
Help New System $1000 budgetDankman Nuggetz5
Screwing in a sub question (glass what do you do)Jonathan7
How much do RE 8's cost???Anonymous2
Help me outPologreen13
New plan for reg cab truckjeremiah baggett2
Phoenix goldChad Hurren1
Audiobahn Sound Q of 12" of 1000 watts RMSThatGuyYouKnow3
Hey Isaac!James Longo2
Small Cabin!!!Daniel Santos1
TWO 12'S IN 99 HONDA CIVICVinnie Taylor5
SE sub by REscab128865
Which Subs to get???Bruce Epps3
Power of the RE xx.x 12 inch sub. taylor172
Subs to ampKenneth1
How the hell do you check private messages here?Rob Fox2
Jabba du abba sabba du dibba dem dip dah....Rob Fox1
Eclipse subSubfanatic7
Please help me decide on a subwoofer(s) . . . I thought I had my mi...Jonathan38
4 Adire Audio Koda 8"Chris Klein20
Need a loud daily driver, under 200 bucks.Joe Smoe12
System finally done!Joe Smoe2
WoW i need everyones help who ever sees this!!!!Jonathan18
RE 12" X.X.X.Anonymous1
Which subs to go with?taylor173
Opinions on Pryamid Hyper Pro Series 1000 watt 12'sChris Brown5
Diffrence in ohmsBrian7
12" Sub Pollmo8
What subs should i go with?Dankman Nuggetz3
Pyramid subskiller3
RE xx.x how many can i have. skeet3
Subzone Box TWiZTiD2
What amp for 4 Koda 8" Subs???ThatGuyYouKnow2
Where can i get some re besides reaudio.comThatGuyYouKnow3
Help meHunter Warren2
Alpine Type X Spec BoxAnonymous1
I got a Kicker impulse want to change itJeff Loughrey2
RE subs and colossus ampHunter Warren5
HELP wiring Alpine 420 to SWR 1221 12" 2 ohmBrian Rogers2
Please help with subsChaz Whitley1
Need Help With a Custom Box For 2 Audiobahn 12'sJames Longo12
Alpine X and phoenix gold xenon 1200Jeff Loughrey2
Suggestions on my systemJames Longo2
Is a 12w7 a daily driver?Brian P Jackson7
Decent amp to handle 2 id maxes?Bronzed Aussie8
2 15" type-r's or 1 12w7 just another system questionRob Fox9
Help me outPologreen1
ID12 D4James Longo5
Just bored part 3James Longo8
What ohms would i get with this wiring setuptyson hunt5
Hifonics and ascendant......hope no legal trouble...:-(...Hunter Warren8
Whats nextHunter Warren5
Stupid local shopJames Longo5
Boston Acoustic or JL subJames Longo5
Hands down, What is the best SPL sub around 500 dollars?Robbie Brown5
JL Audio 15" W4 D4James Longo9
Kicker ampsJames Longo7
Rockford fosgate power stage 2taylor173
Diamond Audio Help!!!Georgia301161
Questions regarding sound systemsNewguy341
JL AUDIOshawn ballinger13
300 watt amp for 250 watt RMS sub okay?lee bolwerk2
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