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Kappa perfect vs phoenix goldJeff Loughrey2
How will this sound in a cherokeeAnonymous2
Kicker L5Jeff Loughrey3
$300Jeff Loughrey9
Rumors about REJeffrey D7
Should i switch from my 15" kicker impule?Anonymous5
BOSS SubMike52114
Box building master sheetSent_from_The_above1
Da Blow - lil john and eastside boysMatt Ellermets19
X.XX question...Anonymous2
A-weighted; C-weighted SPL?Matt Ellermets7
$1000Jeff Loughrey3
Sealed or ported?Jeff Loughrey4
Legal Questiontaylor175
I have a question please help me outtaylor177
Need Help Making a Decision!taylor174
Sugestions for new setupdrb2232
Help - I need subs with good SPL and SQ anyone know?coola3
Speakers blown!?Stan Wojtalewicz11
Box placementJeff Loughrey10
Db's for a kicker L7 15" ...??paddy3
Box for 2 12" rf he2!!!Anonymous1
Kicker L5trevor foster6
Subwoofer and AmpJonathan4
Help Please!Jeff Loughrey7
Could my port be too big???Jeff Loughrey5
Help in need of amp please helpJeff Loughrey3
Which brandMike Loudon8
Db's from X.X.X.basslova8
Help Me PLZkoz5
Sub ?GlassWolf4
My jl12w6v2 isnt making me happy!GlassWolf6
Systemtrevor foster1
Help help HELP!!!!!!DR MAX1
Thanx for all the help! This is what I am gettingCasey Jennings3
Perhaps I ask too many questions, but what the hell, how about this...Casey Jennings51
Best SQ 12" sub for $200 or less?Jonathan7
Best Enclosure type for SQmo17
Are These People Legit????Jonathan9
I need help choosing a selfpowered subJ-dub69966
What watt sub?trev877
Kenwood subs any good?loc26
Image dynamic subs?timothy pardella7
Etter SQ from IDmax or X.XXJonathan2
Sub Problemloc6
SubwoofersJeff Loughrey3
Why my sub sound like this?GlassWolf4
The best Audiobahn setup!GlassWolf6
Plz HelpGlassWolf6
New member could use some tips!GlassWolf2
Port size for 32HzGlassWolf3
Jl Aduio 13 w7 question! Please help!Jeff Loughrey4
Cheapest plce to get brahamas ?ThatGuyYouKnow3
4 12" vmax - logical?Jeff Loughrey2
Which amp will best suit these Brahma's?DR MAX11
Wiring a DVC Orionxxmdfmkxx8
Need help for amp to power 2 12 inch type r'sbluntman4206
Elemental Designsskeet skeet2
Quick QuestionAnonymous3
Need advice for subwoofer setup for E46 BMW 3series coupeJeremyC6
Encosure QJeremyC15
Alpine Type R'sStan Wojtalewicz5
Newb needin a systemStan Wojtalewicz10
Switching 8 and 2 ohmThatGuyYouKnow5
Infinity kappa perfect 6.1 or JL VR650-csi... iAMawareTHISisTHEsubF...Jonathan8
DB question!GlassWolf11
New to car audio - sub system choice .....taylor177
Whats the deal with cadenceMike Loudon6
Blown subsJeff Loughrey3
Please help me, i am a complete amateur - CANT GET MY SUB WORKIN of...Jeff Loughrey2
Glasswolf! Question.johnny lemoine3
Best subs for alpine mrd-m301michael langley2
Question about some subsssAndrew3
Where can I find a HO Alternator for a 97 JettaIsaac2
Hey you guys can i mix these subs???Andrew2
Need opinions plz.Andrew10
Oh, the disappointment!Dave Kan6
Would it do good?basslova2
F*cked up my brahma alreadyVirginSlayer2.015
What amp do i need?Jeff Loughrey7
2x10" L7 Solos HELP!!!FEll Metsa1
Fosgate power stage one VS kicker L7Brad Thomas Hines5
Boys....i think i just found my NEW sub!!! Take a look!!!Brad Thomas Hines15
Complicated question sorta!!!Sucubus7
Two 12"s off 1 amp. do boxes need to be exact sameStan Wojtalewicz4
Box building infokoz6
Capacitor questionGlassWolf2
New system for 03 escapedrunken sloth4
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