Infinity kappa perfect 6.1 or JL VR650-csi... iAMawareTHISisTHEsubFORUM,sorry


I know this is the sub forum but it seems like questions in the speaker forum never get answered so if you guys can help that'd be great thanks.

i am looking at a component set and speakers but im not sure which ones are better. I listen to rap but i like loud clean and clear sound. i am currently looking at infinity kappa perfect 6.1 comp set with kappa 692.5i 6x9 speakers... OR JL VR650-Csi comp set with TR690-Cxi 6x9 speakers. for a little while i will not be running an amp, just the sony head unit. is this bad for the speakers since the JL's rms is 15-100 and the infinity is 25-400 .. im not to sure exactly what the head unit will be pushing but im sure its not to much. let me know what you guys think id really appreciate it thanks.

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Trust me, it isn't bad at all. The h-u will be sending around 50wrms to eack speaker.

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depends what H-U hehas dont it Jeffrey...i mean he could have one cheap @$$ headunit that only gives 15x4 peak

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well i have pair of infiniy's 5 3/4 kappa perfects comp. and they sound great. when powered correctly. a Hu with about 18-20 rms might not be enought to push the infinitys which results in less sound quality. for the 6.1's i would go with at least 50-60rms or greater

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Do they actually build some that give that much watts?? lol
That's gotta be one CHEAP A$S h-u. My cassette head unit gives out more than that lol
Well he said he had a Sony....
What model is it??

im not sure its a few years old... it has a cd tray that comes out... ive never seen one like it before so maybe you know which one it is... but plans may be changing... my dad just bought a new car so i might be getting his and so for christmas i want things for the car now if they decide to give me the car... damn i hope they do 8-) its already got bose speakers stock but ima upgrade them anyway cuz they arent that great. and i;ll probably get a JL 300/4 and a mesh grill for x-mas... i never seen a escalade with a mesh grill in real life yet.. it looks nice as hell tho 8-)

aright my parents gave me the cadillac truck so i guess that solves some confusion... although i think i am going to go with JL because of Price ... thanks for your input tho guys

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There are NO head units that put out 50Wx4 RMS. Peak figures are decieving, the most powerful head unit you'll buy are the Alpine V-drive units, which are 27W RMS x4. The rest really only put out around 11-12W RMS per channel, regardless of what their ratings say. I wouldn't run a set of Perfects or VRs with less than 50W per channel, ideally I'd stick with 75-100 for either.
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