i have 2 11kv.2 subs that are dual 2 ohm. I can wire them down to 2 ohms and i have the NINe.1 amp and that puts out 900 watts @ 2 ohms but the subs are only rated at 300 each. Or does it mean 300 per coil? Cause if its per coild then i will be ok with using this amp. I just assumed this amp would be fine for the 2 subs since it was offered in the same package

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I may be remembering wrong but i have a hunch that your nine.1 ED amp is 900x1 at 1 ohms, i think i remember thinking of that amp to run an RE X.XX....dont take my word on it...if you bought the amp/sub package from ED, go easy on your gain settings and you should be fine, i dont think ED would sell you a a package that wasnt compatable...they arent audiobahn...

lol. The amp is actually 1200 x 1 @1ohm, 900 x 1 @ 2ohm, 450 x 1 @ 4ohm

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you should be fine with that amp. just use the system wisely and listen for any problems. That's the main thing people who blow subs forget to do. Pay attention to things like the sound of distorted subs.. that's a sign of damage in progress.

So i will run it at 2ohms and just keep the gains down? that will be putting 900 watts to 600 watt subs.

Ok update guys i just ordered 2 more 11kv.2 dual 2 subs. When they come in i can wire them all down to 1 ohm and it will be perfect match cause the amp does 1200@1 ohm. I Know each sub calls for 1 cu ft each. Would i be ok by putting each pair of 2 in a 1.5 cu ft encloser to save a little space. What will i loose by not putting them in a 2 cu ft enclosure
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