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Alright, i have a problem, through my CAD designing and whatnot i've got a problem, is there anyway to ground my amp not to the car's chassis? Ya see, where i have my amp now its right up front next to my door and theres a removable panel so i just grounded it to the frame right there simple and my new design my amp is gonna be on a rack ontop of the there anyway i'd be able to affix a steel rod or tube or something to the back of the box and ground it to that? how the hell do all those people ground there amps on those crazy fiberglass installs?

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Try bolting an all steel frame like 2×1" steel posts and a steel post (look at a stop sign those with holes in them) You could bolt your ground to the post and have the frame bolted to your chassi.

Well its an idea, I could be wrong but i saw a simular set up in a van.

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Dont recommend mounting it on your box unless you have ALOT of bracing in the box... You could damage your amp if you dont.

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yea, desided against it as well, i think i'm gonna throw my amp somewhere in the back seat kinda thing, i was thinking of mounting it in the center like hump thing and putting a plexiglass casing over it with some holes cut out and a fan...i just dont know if it'd work becase i dont think my back seats would be abl eot fold down anymore

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just run teh ground line to the closest chassis point you can find and ground the amp.
most of the fiberglass work involves routing and hiding all the cables.. that's all.
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