Why my sub sound like this?


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hi pplz i got a 4 cahnel amplifier and its hooked up to my factory toyota camry 2001 head unit and everytime i turn it up more than half way i dont feel that bass that i would get wen the volume is up one fourth why is it like that? is it because it is a cheap deck or becasue the subwoofer cant handle the power from the amp but if that would have been the problem the speaker would have started to blow rite?

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hard to say without hearing it and seeing the system, but it sounds like perhaps the sub or amp is maxing out, or perhaps amp gain is set a bit too high.
it may just be the factory head unit and the use of an LOC instead of real pre-outs too.
just very hard to guess at like this.

yes my gains are all the way up but then if i turn the gain down then i hardly have bass unless i turn the bass up from the head unit and then when i put the bass up from the headunit then i cant turn the vloume more than half way or it would sound like the speakers are blowing

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then the short answer is you need a larger more powerful amplifier.
you're compensating for lack of power by abusing the gain setting.
that'll damage your speakers.
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